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Lighten Up! Dining Room Chair Makeover

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lighten up! Dining Room Chair Makeover
My cute sister Tiffany aka the other half of the style sisters who is extremely busy these days with 5 kids ages 18 down to 2 years old, loves changing things up in her house...both she and I get bored quickly with the things in our homes and we have to have to the CUTENESS FACTOR going on! I don't know how she has the time to complete all the millions of projects she has going on...from painting furniture, sewing up beautiful bags to hosting a double baby shower .....on top of attending to her kids needs, sporting and or dancing events!! Tiff is amazing!! This black chair started out super cute but she was tired of the black and wanted to lighten things up a bit.
So in between keeping her 2 yr old occupied, answering a million phone calls, keeping her other 3 boys from pestering each other and texting her 18 yr old daughter....she began the project.....she removed the seat and lightly sanded the chair with her electric sander.
Last night I was texting my sister asking her all about the chair makeover process and what she did,....then I asked her for the paint color...she said I will go look in the garage and look at the can and text you the name of the I waited....and waited...then I fell asleep. This morning I check my texts....still no text.....So I text her this morning and ask her if she found out the name...she texts back...."for cryin out loud I went out in the garage last night to look and forgot to text you back!!! seriously I am Dorii!!! " (the forgetful fish from "Finding Nemo)
hahaha I love my sis!!
This beautiful blue paint color from Behr is called the name!
It is eggshell enamel...paint and primer in one
Here is the black chair in process. Tiff didn't need to use any primer because the paint has a primer in it. One less step! we are all about less effort :) and the chairs only needed two coats of paint.
Here is the chair all done..she decided to keep the fabric on the chair seats for now ....but that wont last long... I could tell by her voice that she will be changing the fabric once get that new CUTENESS FACTOR going on!!!
I think the new paint totally changed the look don't you?
It is amazing the power of paint and what it does to furniture and how it can change the look of fabric too!
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