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Dutch oven scones

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Who knew that these pop-n-fresh pillsbury biscuits could be the best things I've tasted for breakfast in a long time!! These bad boys were so tasty and so easy to make!
Heat up your dutch oven over some coals...we used matchlight...the kind of briquettes that all you have to do is light the bag! Pour in some vegetable oil and let it get nice and hot. Open your pop-n-fresh biscuits....funny story..my hubby had never opened up a pop-n-fresh package before and was trying to open it by hitting the can against the table...I said "you need to unwrap it first"...."what???" he says....I say "you need to unwrap it first"....so he did and it exploded in his hands when he wasn't expecting it LOL it looked like he opened a can of snakes!! Oh my gosh....we were laughing so hard....such a classic moment!!

Once you haves popped open the biscuit goodness...take out a biscuit and stretch it into a nice round circle of sorts and plop that baby into the oil and watch it fry up into a golden blob of deliciousness! Flip it over and do the same thing. We even tried some blueberry biscuits....oh they were soo good.
We topped our golden blobs with fresh fruit, syrup and whipped cream from a can. So not healthy!!! But fun for a camping treat! We scarfed them down like no buddies business.
You have got to try them....I am so not a fried food lover nor a biscuit lover but I'm telling you these were amazing!

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