4th of July Tablescape! -Denim, Old Root Beer Bottles, Add ribbon to white pitcher - The Style Sisters

4th of July Tablescape! -Denim, Old Root Beer Bottles, Add ribbon to white pitcher

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, June 07, 2012

Centerpiece Wednesday I hope you will love all the fun ideas for the

4th of July party!

I started my centerpiece with this fun junk piece from Ki Nassuer's Junk Revolution. It is an old pie tin with wire and an old knob. I love this thing!

JEAN TRIMMED CAKE PLATEI placed the pie tin on top of my red Christmas Cake plate..yessiree! It covered up the Christmas tree that is printed on the cake plate perfectly. I wanted to add some comfy blue Jeans to the mix so I cut up some old jeans!

4th of July Cake plate, 4th of July Table decorations, 4th of July Tablescape red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueDon't you just love how it looks with all the belt loops and button closure showing!Denim Cake plate DIY, red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueDepending on the size of cake plate the waist band might have to be temporarily glued on or it might just button right up. Once these two item were together I needed some red. So I got out my red and white striped bowlies and filled them with strawberries. I also added some of my Red, White and Blue napkin rings to the centerpiece for more color! Sorry they are no longer available :(I loved how this part of the centerpiece turned out! Rustic and yet new! Colorful and All American!red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueROOT BEER BOTTLES

To add to the centerpiece I had kept some of these root beer bottles around because I love how they look and decided to add a Napkin Ring around each neck of the bottle and stuck an American Flag in each one!Root Beer bottles, red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and Blue I then circled them around the pie/cake plate centerpiece for display. I love how the glass sparkles in the sunlight.I AM GOING GREEN WITH MY CENTERPIECE :)POPCORN PAPER CUPSNext I stole this idea from Pottery Barn...popcorn in paper cups. I made the cute little paper cups from a regular piece of red paper and newspaper! I just folded them around and added a dot of hot glue to hold together and Voila instant popcorn cups. You can use them for French fries or candies or whatever you want. I found this cute wooden six hole box at Hobby Lobby and knew instantly it would hold my popcorn cups perfectly!red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueI added some red white and blue ribbon to the handle and tucked in a couple of flags. Cuteness Factor going on here don't you think! What a great idea for a kids party or a movie night with friends..you can use cute scrapbook paper too! I love how the newspaper cups turned out. So simple and CHEAP!!Then I decided to put my cute root beer bottles in the wooden box too! Just too adorable. I am going to get a lot of use out of this $12.00 box!red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueNAPKIN RING IDEASOf course my tablescape is not complete without my napkin rings!! I put three on each napkin for a very full look. They look even better in person! The great thing is you can use them exactly like this for the 4th of July! or any other patriotic event. What about a wedding in red white and blue, or a boys birthday party, a graduation party, Father's Day! I love how beautiful the berries are!Isn't this fun the red napkin on the taupe colored plate with the cute denim silverware holders (they are available for purchase here on my blog) next to the plate.

I love the American flag everywhere on this table!

Here we are peeking through my blue flowers at my table all ready and waiting for my guests.


Here is another Pottery Barn Copy cat idea. In there current catalog they show this white pitcher with red stripes. Well I have a white pitcher and wanted it to look like theirs so I added ribbon stripes! Yes!! A little ribbon and some hot glue and HELLO GORGEOUS! Just think how many times I can change the ribbon to match the occasion!! CHEAP!!

Add ribbon to White water pitcher, red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueIsn't that pitcher just so amazing back there all stripey and cute!! red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueMINI MUFFINS IN VOTIVE CANDLE HOLDERS

Here are my little nugglets! I took these metal votive candle holders (which actually were little watering cans I ripped the spout off of them for now) and popped in some mini muffins.

votive candle mini muffin holder, red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueActually I popped them into these tiny little tera cotta pots and then placed them in the votive candle holders. You can actually bake them in these mini terra cotta pots. You have to grease them up and bit and bake them at a low temperature to temper them.


Are they so dang cute or what!! OH LOOK I placed them on this cute plate that I had but notice underneath the plate a little bit of jean fabric? That is the rim to a baby hat!! Yeah I cut that up too and it fit perfectly under the plate for a cute little ruffly edge.


Ok now we are on to the silverware pouches that I made! I love this idea because at a buffet silverware is so hard to hold on to especially for little hands. SILVERWARE POCKETS!! Set of four $15.00..purchase here on my blog!

I stuffed them with the cute silverware that I bought at Pottery Barn on Sale for $9.00. These are particularly fat silverware so my pouches are a little tight for them but still quite cute.4th of July Tablescape, 4th of July Buffet, red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and BlueI love jean fabric mixed with the red napkins and the beautiful napkin rings!

I hope your 4th of July is filled with family and fun as we remember all those who died on our behalf for freedom here in the greatest country ever... the USA!!

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  1. That is just the most spectacular table setting I've seen. It's ALL so creative and inventive. Every element is adorable!! It really is magazine worthy! Love it all!

  2. Oh girls-I LOVE your table!! It's given me some great ideas for my Memorial Day table. I think I have just about the exact same things as you. thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Wow! So many original and clever ideas. I honestly don't think I could pick a favorite one.

  4. Hi Karin...

    Ohhh my gosh...I am just blown away with all the creativity going on in this beautiful Memorial Day tablescape! It really is fabulous...and sooo FUN!!! I just love all of your great ideas, my friend. The popcorn cups...awesome! I will definitely be trying that one! Ohhh...and I love how you used all that denim on your pretty table...you are soooo clever, Girlfriend!!! Love how you did the soda bottles with your pretty patriotic colored napkin rings and flags...beautiful! I would just love to dine at this table...you did a fabulous job, Karin!!! Thank you for sharing it with us today...and thank you for all the grand ideas! I love it all!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I had a centerpiece post ready to go for the party today but didn't realize that you were going to go with the Memorial Day theme. I'll try and catch up with you next time! Love this party, Darlin'!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. Karen, you are just amazing! I would never come up with these ideas in a million years! Love it!

  6. I'm just loving every idea you have shown today. So very creative, inventive and inspiring! So many ideas swirling in my head. I can't wait to get my napkin rings, they are soo cute! Thank you for sharing so many awesome ideas!

  7. How cute! Now that makes me want to have a party! So cheery...love all your ideas here, very clever! Come say hi :D

  8. Well, apparently I didn't follow the rules and use a theme post! My bad...
    But, since I already linked to ya, you and everyone else will have to see my tea party! Sheesh... why don't I read the fine print?!
    But YOUR post- WOWIE!!!! The use of color was so abundant and inspiring. I love, love the idea of using the jeans for the silverware pockets. I recently saw the popcorn cups in some magazine, but promptly forgot about them. Yours are much cooler,BTW. Everything you did here was just perfect for both Memorial Day and Independence Day. Love this new meme! Thanks for hosting.
    :-) Sue

  9. I want to stand up with my hand over my heart and sing God Bless America! I love your patriotic table. And patriotic done so creatively! Using the blue jeans to accent and to make the flatware holders was brilliant! It looks so Americana.
    I must admit my favorite are the dressed up root beer bottles with the American flags. It looks like something out of a magazine!
    Thanks for inviting me to Centerpiece Wednesday!

  10. Everything looks great, like a party waiting to happen! I was pink this week, so I didn't link. Maybe I'll catch ya next week, have a great Memorial Day!

  11. Amazing ideas. So cute! I really LOVE the idea of using the pockets to hold the silverware! Girl, I am so borrowing these ideas for July 4th! Have a blessed day. Cindy

  12. I don't know what I like best! It's ALL so super cute! Thanks so much for inspiring me!
    I don't have a tablescape to add today, but I'll be back.

  13. I am SOooooooo impressed by your tablescapes and inspirational ideas!
    I dont think I could pick a favorite . . . but if I HAD to it would be the ingenious uses for old bluejeans!
    So cute and clever!
    ENjoy your Memorial Day weekend in the greatest place on Earth - the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.


  14. Love this, I really like the denium, what a great idea!

  15. WOW! WOW! WOW! You have just outdone yourself! All of those little touches just look so amazing together!
    My favorite is the berry rings on the bottles with the flag!!

  16. Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment.
    I added my link! Not sure if I did it right!
    Take Care,

  17. Wow I really appreciate all the kind comments about my tablescape. I really enjoyed creating it and I am so excited for Memorial Day! I love that we can all share and learn from each other how to make our tables sparkle.


  18. Hi Boo,

    We can't say anything any better than what has been said.
    As always, everything is spectacular! Proud to be your MOM and SISTER.

    Loving you and wishing so much you were here to share the holiday with us.


  20. I love all the denim in your tablescape! great ideas :)

  21. Oh my... this table is SO cute!!! I love it! You are so creative! Thanks for the inspiration :)



  22. So classy! I especially love the pocket silverware holders. Brilliant. Glad I found you through Mom loop.

  23. I love it all! The muffin cups are wonderful. Stopping from Mom Loop.

  24. Just Gorgeous!

    See you soon.

  25. What a lot of great ideas!
    I love how you used the jeans, and also the ribbon stripes in particular.

  26. Such a fun and festive tablescape! I especially like the denim pockets you used to hold the silverware. Great job!


  27. What a wonderfully festive table! Everything looks fantastic.

    Thanks for inviting me to your party.

    Please be sure to stop by my cottage and take a peek at the details for the three linky parties I have starting up the first week of June.

    Have a great Memorial weekend!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  28. Sister, you got style, and the table is an absolute delight!

  29. Adorable factor X 100. LOVE it. So many cute ideas. Thank you for sharing them. ...Not to mention who WOULDN'T want to eat at that table. Thanks. Lori L

  30. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments! I love your whole tablesetting here! How cute! There is so much to look at and take in..love, love, love, it! I am really excited to have seen your meme party on another blog and am following you now. I will be watching it for sure for many centerpiece ideas! I could really use that! Thanks for hosting such a neat party!

  31. Your post was just jam packed with fun and cheap, but very wonderful ideas! Thanks for all the fun ideas! Joni

  32. Wow! What a lot of great ideas and for very little money! Great job, I love it.

    I have to have your napkin rings. I'm off to order them now.


  33. Love your table.. Very festive. I love the use of the blue jean pockets for the silverware. The napkin rings on the bottles was a nice touch. Have a great Memorial Day!

  34. Every bit of this is just fantastic! You're going to see jean pockets and flags in root beer bottles all over blogland now! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday weekend.
    Cheers, Andrea
    p.s. I'll join you on Centerpiece Wednesday soon!

  35. Karin,
    thanks for stopping by and telling me about your linky party. I just linked up. I LOVE your patriotic tablescape..especially the jeans waistband idea..the tin star cups..wow.Love it all. I love decorating for the summer in red, white and blue. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  36. Adorable!! ideas ladies:)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Kay Ellen

  37. What a cute, creative table...I ♥♥♥ it!
    Have a great weekend.

  38. Wow, Karin!!!
    I'm so utterly amazed and impressed with this table!
    It's so fun and fabulous, with lots of great and very creative ideas! I never would have thought of something so simple as making paper cups for popcorn etc. How cute!!! And so easy!
    I LOVE how you used the cut up jeans to make parts for you centerpiece and silverware pouches!
    It's genius!

  39. Oh this is all so fun and clever!!!
    What a fantastic tablescape! I always appreciate it when someone makes things so festive...how lucky will your guest be!!

  40. I LOVE the pie plate w/ the doorknob! I tried to click the link for it, but I guess it is no longer valid?? Any ideas how I could get one of those??

  41. Amazing!!! A lot lot of ideas.
    HAve a great weekend,

  42. Can I just tell you that you are making me so excited for the summer with your pics? Everything looks really fantastic! I'm so glad you linked to Poppies at Play! It's been a real pleasure! Have a wonderful summer!

  43. WOW! Those denim details blow my mind! LOVE them!

  44. YOU ROCK!!! I love all the red, white, and cute cute cute! Clever use of demin jeans. Love everything about it :D

  45. Soooo festive and cute! I am your newest follower. Nice to meet you.

  46. I stopped by from the blog frog, and so glad I did! This is a fabulous table! I'm now a follower.

  47. I shared your tablescape with my readers on Blog Party for the Fourth of July Linky Party!


  48. Hi! I just found your blog and WOW!! Did your table ever catch my eye. It is absolutely fabulous!! I'll be following you now to see what all you come up with. I love the jean ideas :) ~ Laura

  49. OMGness, this is simply adorable!! How perfect and lovely every detail is.

  50. This is adorable! Especially the jean accent! I'd love for you to come link this and any other patriotic creation to my Memorial Day linky party that starts tomorrow www.smallfineprint.com

  51. Love all these cute ideas! I missed this the first time around. The muffin holders are great!
    I have the flatware too. 3.97 at the outlet. I took it in every color they had!

  52. Man, oh, man...your scissors have really had a workout lately!!!! What absolutely CUTE ideas! The jeans waistband around the cake plate is one of my favorites with the jeans pocket for flatware coming in at a close second. Adding the ribbon striping to the pitcher a la Pottery Barn is an excellent idea! VERY cool!!! This table is totally patriotic holiday ready!!!

  53. There are sooo many cute ideas in this tablescape! I love the flatware pockets & the little watering can cupcake holders. Everything looks so festive and fun. ;)

    Be sure to come take a peek at my latest "French-inspired" giveaway soon. Deadline for entry is June 20th.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  54. Love it! I like anything with denim and the reds are such a great compliment.



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