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Fun things to do on a summer day with kids

Friday, August 22, 2014

I've had so much fun with my grandkids this summer! They came to stay and play for a couple of weeks and we packed in a lot of fun things to do and the things they loved to do the most were outside activities that were free! We have a lake by our house and we spent some time playing in the sun! They decided to jump off the dock into the water and you can tell by my grandsons face this was the best thing ever!! LOL

My granddaughter Ella loves playing in the sand as well as my littlest grandson who is in the background. It's thrilling for them to just touch the sand or adding water and creating things all kinds of things was such fun.

PB and J's in the backyard under an umbrella on the simple and yet so fun!

Creating sand castles, rolling in the sand, making little towns using rocks, feathers and other odds and ends...allowed their creativity to soar!

Even Louis who is the youngest got into the action...playing in the sand and the water....we had to keep a close on eye on him as he has no fear of the water!

My dad and stepmom came to visit and we went on a little hike up in the mountains with everyone. The kids were in heaven..climbing on rocks, throwing rocks into the lake, running, jumping..just enjoying the beauty all around us.

Louis "jumping" off the dock giggling the whole time!

One of the days we took the kids to a little farm and they got to pet some of the baby animals.

One of the most simple things they did was to play with the hose in the front yard with a little neighbor friend. They laughed themselves silly squirting each other. When the wind starting blowing it was hysterical watching them try to get their towels to lay smoothly on the driveway.

The pure joy of watching children having fun under the sun....nothing compares! Slow down enjoy your kids and or grandkids and watch them enjoy the simple things in life.










Have you heard of a spiralizer?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I had never heard of this cool machine until my daughter told me about it and I got one and I have to say it is so cool!

It comes with 3 different blades that allow you to take....lets say an ordinary zucchini and spiralizer it! It makes noodles of all kinds of vegetables. I am just a beginner at using this but I hope to learn more about it while enjoying healthy fruits and veggies in a fun and unique way!

I made this zucchini spinach and tomato stir fry combo last night and everyone loved it. The noodles are quite long so next time I need to cut them up a bit but my nephews thought it was cool to slurrp the zucchini noodles up like spaghetti :)

First I took a couple handfuls of spinach and 1 green onion chopped and sautéed them in a pan with Olive oil. I sautéed until the spinach was wilted and green onions were transparent..about 2-3 minutes. Then I added in some grape tomatoes that I halved and sautéed them for a minute or two as well. Next I added a little finely chopped garlic and cooked another minute.

Next I added in my spiralizer zucchini noodles! I used about 3 small Zucchini's, salt and pepper and sautéed them until they were cooked through but not soggy! I like my veggies to have a little crunch.

I chopped up a little basil and added that as well and used some for a little garnish and boom it was done! Really quick and yummy and fun to eat!

My daughter bought her spiralizer on can purchase yours.



Centerpiece Wednesday

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whew! It's been one more busy day here at the "bed and breakfast" my sister came last night with her family to take her precious daughter to the Missionary Training Center! Otherwise known as the MTC. At the Church's Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah, young men and women as well as retired men and women from around the world come together to prepare to serve the Lord. The purpose of the MTC is to provide an atmosphere of peace, love, trust, confidence, and respect in which missionaries can prepare for missionary service. It is such an awesome experice for her! Then this afternoon I had my den meeting with my cub scouts! We went to a museum and they loved it and they were so well behaved! Sooo now I'm rushing like a mad woman to get this post live so all of you can share your creativity with us!!

Summer tablecape with beautiful handpainted glasses HERE

Great backyard patio coffe table idea HERE

Scrumptious plum tart recipe HERE I am drooling right now!

This a fun rustic tablescape with cute Moose plates HERE

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Link on up everyone and share your creativity!

Mission Farewell and Gourmet S'more Party

Sunday, August 17, 2014

On Sarurday we were in Colorado at my sisters house to celebrate her beautiful daughter Elli's mission farewell. Elli is my niece and has been called to serve an 18 month mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Washington DC! We are so excited for her and know this experience will allow her to grow in so many ways and it will allow her to share her love of the gospel with people from all walks of life.

To celebrate this special occasion my sister decided to host a gourmet s'more party for Elli, family members, friends and neighbors and it was so fun! Tiff got the idea from a friend of mine who did the same thing for her daughter when she was leaving to serve a mission in Chile! Tiff wanted everything to be red white and blue since Elli is going to Washington DC! We reused these darling printed menus that my friend Kim had printed on photo paper that show lots of different s'more recipe ideas. To start with we used lots of different flavored graham crackers and some waffle crackers...yummmmy!

Tiff used all kinds of flavored marshmallows like blueberry, ice cream cone, caramel, chocolate, strawberry and they were all purchased from Walmart.
My daughter Madeline figured out a way to display these mini chalkboards by using a clothes pins clipped to the bottom edge and laying it on its stinkin cute!

Above the table we hung white paper lanterns and red white and blue paper lanterns

I had forgotten that My daughter and I made these red white and blue decorations for Tiffany a few years ago but when she brought out the box of them we decided to use them as little covers for her chandelier...pretty cute huh?!

Our cute mom munching on yummy s'mores

We couldn't decide how to display these menus but then a lightbulb went off when I found a bunch of empty frames...

First I was hoping they would fit inside the frames but they were too big, then my mom said hey what if we clip them onto the frames! Brilliant idea..Tiff had these huge silver clips and they worked like a charm!

A huge glass apothecary jar held giant marshmallows in the center of the table. A friend of Tiff's made these adorable 4th of July pinwheels that we used on the tables as well.

We used sterno cans that we lit and used to roast the "mallows"

Out on Tiff's new Backyard deck we continued with the red white blue theme and her red Adirondack chairs were perfect!

Using this navy fabric with white stars as a tablecloth we set up a simple lemonade stand area to get the flow of traffic to move outdoors

We used small glass bowls filled with different chocolate options like peppermint patties, peanut butter cups, dark chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars, and of course Nutella!!

It was such a fun get together to celebrate Elli's mission farewell...we wish her good luck and know she will be blessed for her sacrifice.

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Centerpiece Wednesday

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome to Centerpiece Wednesday a day late! I can't believe I didn't get it posted yesterday....I've had my dad and my stepmom here and my 3 grandkids and the grandkids run at 100% full speed! Today we went on a little hike with everyone....1 1/2 years to 78 yrs old! and we had a wonderful time :) but enough of my excuses..let's get to partying!

Isn't this succulent terrarium gorgeous HERE

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Hope you will link up and share your ideas here!