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Swimsuit Phobia?

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, August 02, 2008

While on our trip to St. Thomas I noticed many women dressed in their little sun dresses, bikini's, short shorts, tank tops and other beach wear. Some of the women dressed this way were blessed to have rock hard bodies and looked very nice in their beach attire. Others were actually quite large and were wearing these form fitting skin showing outfits, some were very tall and thin and not a curve in sight. But the one commonality between all these women I noticed is...... that each of them were enjoying their vacation......no matter their size, height, amount of wrinkles or no wrinkles, bra size, curviness or lack their of....some were with very good-looking men and some were with the average looking Joe. Some of these women were single young women with their significant other, some were young mothers with their all little children around them, some were with their teenagers, some were probably even great grandmothers with all their wrinkles being shown off in pride. As I looked around I realized that you choose to make life what you want. .....Just because some women have been blessed with bodies that men adore are they happier than any of the rest of us? I say no!...it all depends on the person , their personality and their outlook in life. Not on how they look on the outside that determines how much joy they can have in life. So my advice to you gals, not that anyone asked....... but go out and enjoy life to the fullest no matter your shape or size, find that bright colored nylon/spandex piece of fabric that is shaped like a tube and plop yourself into it and hit the beach, pool or even your own backyard! Have fun, be a kid again .....don't wait around for that perfect bathing suit body before you go out and experience the fun things in life. Just go out!!

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  1. Oh my cute, darling daughter, you have such a wonderful way about you. I have told you for years that I wish I were more like you, and your sister, comfortable with who you are. Maybe if I looked like you two I would be more comfortable with myself. But the picture in my mind of me in a tube type bathing suit is almost more than I can endure. But I think all the other old ladies look great and I think they should contiue to be those happy little or large girls having fun showing off their crepe skin and wrinkles. But as for me, I will continute to have fun in my pants and long sleeve shirts. I love ya to pieces. MOM
    p.s. You just called and I am so happy you had a grand time and that you are home safe.

  2. What a lovely blogspot, well said and I love the two shots ! x

  3. Perfectly said, and so timely. It is summer, and I squirm as I walk onto the beach in my bathing suit. Still, I do it, and am working to force myself not to be one of those mums who don't participate in life because they feel self-conscious about their bodies. Our kids certainly don't care, so they??!!

    Thanks for the reminder...

  4. I'm so glad that I came across this blog again. It was nice to see all of you while on vacation. looks like you had a great time. Melanie B

  5. You made me tear up with you wonderful comments about feeling comfortable in a swimsuit! I am almost 51 and have a little more weight on me than I would like, but after much coaxing from my children and grandchildren for years now, I went out and bought myself a swim suit that I felt comfortable in( with shorts on too!). I have had so much fun going to water parks, the beach, and our swimming pool with them. I'm so glad I did and am so glad there are wonderful people out there like you who realize it's inner beauty that really counts! Thanks so much!

  6. haha perfect! I love it and couldn't agree more!
    So does this mean you will add to my collection of what true beauty is? What you have already written would be great if you want to submit a photo of you and your family...? Yes I am begging :)

  7. I added your post as a guest post on my blog pimde.com. If this isn't ok, let me know. I linked back to you as the author.



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