Help me decide what to do next with my house. - The Style Sisters

Help me decide what to do next with my house.

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, August 07, 2008

Okay all my blogger friends I need your advice....After looking at my photos of my living room and dining room and re examining them from a different perspective and checking some of the other awesome blogs that are out nestingplace I have decided that I think I might need some toile! Look at nestingplace's family room/dining/kitchen photo below. I LOVE THIS ROOM NESTING PLACE!! We both are using similar, yellow, black and white.

I love the combination of checks and toile and the black plaid. It looks so cozy and inviting.

Notice her black chairs around the white dining table (I have a similar look below) but my yellow walls looks yucky in the photos. It looks like it has some green in it!! It does not look like this in real life....I promise. Maybe I should repaint it a softer yellow tone? Won't my husband be thrilled to hear this..."another painting project?"
I also love Nesting place's white cupboards in her kitchen. Mine are kind of a creamy color...I don't think you can tell by the photo. I really want to paint the cupboards white white but I don't know how well it will look with the beige colored granite counter? I think it could really come alive with a toile fabric curtain treatment in the window to warm it up. The walls are wallpapered in the red color....if you look closely there is a pattern in on red. It is actually quite was here when we moved in. Kind of like a toile pattern!

My wanna-have, wanna-be hutch look (the cheap way)..... Made with Ikea shleving and lots of black and white dishes. With a few extra accessories she came out looking pretty cute don't you think?
This is the (Ikea) family room which has the softer colored green sofa...since all these rooms look into each other I couldn't very well go with a different color scheme like robin's egg blue could I? I think I am overdosing on the red but I don't what else to do. I was actually contemplating getting white slipcovers to go on this sofa and go for black and white only getting rid of the green...but I have a large chocolate brown labrador that likes to rub up against the sofa and so it would be dirty from the get go! So I decided to nix that idea right out of my head. I know what you are saying put the dog outside but she is just so sweet and loveable I just can't do it! We had another lab once upon a time ago and he drowned so we are now more attached to this one...long story.

Lastly this is my and white with one yellow pillow. I made the curtains with some black fabric and added the toile fabric chunk to the very top of the curtains. It added alittle sumpin sumpin to it. Of course I am not going to show the other side of the room which is a total only get to see the pretty part. :)So there you have it gals.....what would you do if you were me? Would you add some toile? Scrap it all and start over?, Just enjoy it the way it is? Get rid of anything? I really want some advice and I know you are all just dying to give me some. :)

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  1. Okay girls-
    I love your blog but that was probably the most depressing post I have ever read. I couldn't tell your pictures from the other pictures. It all looked wonderful to me. I am completely clueless when it comes to decorating.

  2. Ok Mom, I am totally thinking that you need to ditch the frumpy couches in the family room. They are looking a little saggin and baggin. You need to go for a more tailored and structured look. Something you have not done before... I am thinking a couch or chair or something with some cute little curvy legs hanging out. Still comfortable and livable though. No more GREEN... that color is off limits for you from now on. hehe. Hopefully this helps a little churning. It never helps to entertain a few crazy ideas!

    Oh but for sure your office needs come color therapy!

  3. Madeline...if I had a bulging bank account I could maybe scrap it all and start over but since I don't have a bulging bank account....I will have to just make do with what I have. I do think that I will be adding some toile fabric very soon, hanging some new artwork etc... Eventually I will phase out the green but until then I am going to just love it and think about your cute memories that you wrote about in your other comment. So I am going to go big and bold with the red, green and yellow for now. :)

  4. You were wanting to know the color of my paint yesterday. But after reading your blog today and wanting to get rid of the green I'm not sure you are going to be interested in it. It's green, it looks golden in the photo's but it's a beautiful color of green. I got it at Ace Hardware and it is a Benjamin Moore color called Edgy gold, but I promise it's green. I'm getting ready to paint my bathroom the same color. It really make a room pop!

    I love the way your house is decorated. I don't know that I would change a thing. Good luck!

  5. I like decorating with red, black, white and yellow as well. But I think you have to be careful with the hues, because all those colors can look stark and cool. And you lose the warmth and coziness. I like your decorating style but that's my thoughts from your color choices. I'm just an interior decorator wannabe!

  6. I'm totally inspired by your room Nesting Place! I have used brick red, soft butter yellow and white for several years in my home. I love the feeling of coziness this color palette offers. I especially like the drapery and curtains that coordinate so well together. They define each space.


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