By The Style Sisters - Thursday, May 29, 2008

My daughter, Madeline and I were playing around with my dishes one night and we came up with a way to show you how to add some simple colorful additions to your placesettings to make it really come alive. Here we started with a simple placesetting on a white table: Using a cute beach themed plastic colorful plate from Big Lots ($4.99 for 4) we stacked that upon a square white plate turned at an angle and then stacked that upon a large yellow plate used as a charger plate. It looks o.k. but I think we can do better.......................

We decide to switch out the clear water glass for a fun hot pink plastic goblet and we threw in a little green umbrella for more color. I scrounged around the house and found these silk flowers on long stems. I cut off the flowers leaving about a 5 or 6 inch stem that we could bend into a circle to wrap around the napkin and voila! It looks much better but.....I still think we can do better...................

Now this is what were talking about!! We added some bright blue tissue paper and made it look like a table runner and that just really made everything pop off the table! We also set the other placesetting and used an orange plastic goblet...not everything has to match to make it look great. Use your creativity, look for things laying around the house and make a new use for it.

Create an everyday celebration for your dinner table tonight! Leave your comments about this tablesetting below.

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  1. Wow! I love it.... I especially like the way you started simple and kept adding... is your charger plate just a dinner plate or larger like a charger?

  2. Thank you! We did have fun putting it all together. The yellow plate is just a large dinner plate that I bought years ago at a Williams Sonoma outlet in Las Vegas for super cheap!

  3. That's what I love about this blog, always something new, simple, and inspiring! Keep up the beautiful work, girls!
    Debbie from

  4. Now see! I have to tell my husband that I am not the "only woman in the whole wide world" who likes to just go in the dining room and take out plates, cups, linens, etc. and set up one place setting...and then take pictures of it! Thank you! I AM NORMAL!!! :)

  5. go and tell him for sure! My husband just rolls his eyes when I start getting stuff out to "play" with. But hey it does take some effort to put together some fun new looks. It is like our takes effort as well to make an outfit come together. So keep pulling out your dishes and set the table nice.


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