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Hong Kong!

By The Style Sisters - Friday, May 16, 2008

Oddly enough...me, the one who does not like to travel, will be leaving on Sunday for a trip to Hong Kong and then onto Macau which is across the water by ferry from Hong Kong. This is a business trip for my husband who goes over there all the time and the first time for me to leave out of the good ole USA (except for Mexico a couple of times). I am a bit apprehensive about the long long plane flight to say the least. Leaving our home to DFW airport: 45 minutes, sit in airport for 2 hours, board plane at DFW to LAX 3 1/2 hours, then we sit for another 2 hours in LAX, Board another plane to Hong Kong...14 or 16 hours (I can't remember)!!!!, then another hour or so to our hotel. Holy Cow...I think that puts us close to 24 hours of travel time! I plan to blog while I am away and I am on a quest to find cool and unique things to share with all of you. Any advice or tips please leave your comments. It will be an adventure for me that is for sure but I will be back for Memorial Day and plan to enjoy a fun BBQ and a kickball tournament with some friends!

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