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Dress Up Mother's Day Table With Napkins

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, May 01, 2008

Looking on the internet I found beautiful creative napkin and table setting ideas to dress up your Mother's Day table. I placed many photos on our website at www.thestylesisters.net Once on our website, look for the words "Entertaining Ideas" on the left side of the page and click on it, the first section will be table setting ideas!! All the photos are from www.theknot.com it is a wonderful website for brides but you can also use many of the ideas to celebrate everyday life!

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  1. Those are beautiful!... might have to borrow the sunflower one for my daughter's 7th birthday party... she wanted a "French Sunflower" theme.... UGGGHHHH.... Can you imagine her as a teen?!?!

  2. Hi Holly,
    How adorable will that birthday party be!! You must take photos and we can post them on here! Your little daughter already has style! I have two daughters myself...they are 17 and 20 yrs old now but I can tell you that the parties do get more invloved but they are also lots of fun!! For both of my daughters 8th birthdays we had a "tea party" (served them lemonade) with lots of tiny finger foods and treats. Lots of tea sets that we either owned or borrowed and played "lady like" games. It is still both of their favorite birthdays. Have fun take and enjoy because they grow up way too fast.




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