How to set up a Buffet table - The Style Sisters

How to set up a Buffet table

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, May 02, 2017

How to set up a buffet table

How to Set up a Buffet Table- The Style Sisters.

I always start with the centerpiece - I found this gorgeous weathered looking cloche at Home Goods in St. George Utah...ahhh it just speaks to me. I knew I wanted to fill it with something white and fluffy...I did not have any fresh flowers around so I filled it with white silk flowers to make it look soft and romantic. This set the tone..weathered, white, romantic and just plain pretty.
Centerpiece idea- The Style Sisters
I added this gold candelabra my mom found at a garage sale for $7.00! She gave it to me and I just love it!!

Gold candelabra centerpiece- The Style Sisters

This tablescape is set up in my kitchen nook....I love this room...the walls are painted yellow and our big round table and six chairs that we found at a thrift store in Durrango Colorado (that my hubby refinsished for me HERE) fits perfectly in here. We also found this amazing crystal chandelier at a thrift store here in Salt Lake city and it just sparkles in here!! 
This is a picture before we put all the food on the table..I like to create visual interest with levels,layers, textures and a little sparkle here and there. 
Howt o set a beautiful buffet table- The Style Sisters
I always use white plates when I set up a buffet because the food pops off the plate. 

How to set a bufffet table- The Style Sisters, Stack plates

Here are a few fun tricks to use for your next buffet...stack the plates on top of a footed bowl turned upside down! I placed a white plate on top of the upside down bowl and placed my new favorite blue salad plates from Tai Pan on top.
 It elevates them and makes them a focal point on the table.

napkins in a vase for buffet table- The Style Sisters, How to display napkins on table

 We placed the napkins in a tall glass vase to bring some more color up high. The silverware caddy is white tumbler cups in a silver cup holder from Neiman Marcus...odd I know ..from Neiman Marcus??.... it was a gift. 

Aren't these mini Martini glasses adorable sitting in mini ramekins....
We filled them with a delicious spinach fruit salad drizzled with poppy seed dressing...we call them Spinach Salad-tini's. Madeline also whipped up some homemade cheese crisps.
The colors of the fruit and green spinach are spectacular! 
We also placed nuts in the ramekins for those who wanted to add them to their salads.

mini Salad-tini's - The Style Sisters, mini  spinach and fruit  salads

We came up with a fun way to serve raw vegetables..... 
in mini shot glasses under the glass dome !

How to set a bufffet table- The Style Sisters, Stack plates

This is a close-up of the mini crudite shot glasses...we used thin sliced red and yellow peppers, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, mini yellow tomatoes and a sprig of cilantro for a festive look.
serve crudites in mini shot glasses- The  Style Sisters, Appetizers, Fresh Veggies

These little crudite shot glasses are sitting atop of a glass cake plate that I covered with green moss with a large glass dome over the top. 
Chicken apple appetizers- The Style Sisters

These little bite sized appetizers are packed with flavor... Using leftover chicken, cream cheese, apples and some fig jam! 

create appetizers using left overs- The Style Sisters
We used a glass cake stand to serve the appetizers with the candelabra on top ....we always stack and lift just makes it fun!

How to set a bufffet table- The Style Sisters, appetizers, stacking plates

We decided we needed to have some cheese, crackers and fruit on the table so we placed some in a tall glass footed dish set on top of a glass cake plate that I covered with some sheet moss ....then we set it on top of some stacked white dinner plates. 
This sounds like a Dr. Suess book...
on top of this on top of that...ha ha

Serve Cheese and Crackers in a new way

How to set a bufffet table- The Style Sisters,

Last but not least...Dessert!! I posted the recipe of this delicious so incredibly easy no bake simple dessert HERE 
Take a look at my fun serving spoon my son in law made them for me.
easy no bake bite sized dessert- The Style Sisters- Sara Lee pound cake

Here is the buffet in all its glory...enjoy the eye candy!

How to set an elegant  bufffet table- The Style Sisters, Stack plates

How to set a bufffet table- The Style Sisters, Stack plates

no bake easy bite sized desserts- The Style Sisters
We used mini votive candle holders as vases for flowers. 

mini vase idea  using votive candle holders- The Style Sisters

How to set a bufffet table- The Style Sisters,

I hope you all enjoyed the Buffet and got some new fun ideas for serving food!

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  1. Karin, WOW! What a gorgeous buffet! You're so right - those white plates just make the food look beautiful. Oh yeah, and it doesn't hurt one bit that the food IS beautiful! Those chicken crackers with fig jam (note to self to try!), and those little pound cake desserts with those awesome little serving spoons. I love how you used creative ways to stack and vary the heights. And that color yellow - mind my asking what it is? Very pretty!
    Rita C at Panoply

    1. Hi Rita! You are so kind... we had fun putting this together.. playing with ways to stack plates and serve the appetizers. I love creating something unique in my tablescapes to enjoy dining with friends and family 😊. My wall color is called Lemon Chiffon by Sherwin Williams.. I love this color... it makes me happy 😊


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