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Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Tutorial and video

By The Style Sisters - Friday, December 16, 2016

 I love this cute napkin fold for Christmas! You may have seen it on my Winter wonderland tablescape that I did last just makes the place setting look a little more special.

Christmas Tree Napkin fold tutorial
I start with a square napkin 

Fold in half

fold in half again to make a square

 Then simply bring each point on open end opposite of fold to the top middle with each layer slightly lower than the other.
You will end up with a triangle that has layers

Next...flip over and fold each side of the triangle to the opposite side one over the other.
It becomes a bundle. 

Flip over once again so you can see the layers of the Christmas tree.

Fold in each point of the layers underneath each other

Once all the points are folded inside you are done!

You can add a candy cane or a small chocolate for an "ornament" for your guests. 

Here is my quick fast tutorial of the Christmas tree napkin fold

Hope you use this fun napkin fold this Christmas!

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