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Mother's Day Luncheon Inspired by Doris Day!

By The Style Sisters - Friday, May 06, 2016

Mother's Day luncheon inspired by Doris Day!
Mother's Day tablescape inspired by Doris day, yellow and pink polka dot plates
I think I will call this luncheon tablescape "Doris Day Luncheon" doesn't it just have that feel of an old Doris Day movie. All yellow and sunny...can you picture Cary Grant coming in and sitting down eating some scrumptious things she cooked.
Mother's Day, Doris day luncheon, polka dot plates
I have had these darling yellow, pink and white polka dot plates for a few years now. I picked them up at Target for cheap!
Mother's Day lunch inspired by Doris day, yellow tablescape, polka dot plates
 I love how they look so fun and happy! I used some yellow gingham fabric from my fabric stash and smooshed it around and then set my white vase on it filled with flowers from Walmart. The whole bouquet cost $9.00!! I love fresh flowers on the table. I used some of pretty pink napkin ring holders  
I love these gigantic white napkins that I bought at a little shop in downtown Chicago a year or so ago. They are so nice because 1. they look amazing on the table and 2. they cover your lap really well if you spill!

The white vase and the white cups were from Neiman Marcus or as I refer to them as Needless Markup! (I did not buy them mind you) they were given to me as a gift. Love that!! They are Italian dishes called Bella Cucina and I use them all the time. They are so fresh and clean looking. It is funny because the person that gave them to me actually gave me a large ornate platter but that is so not me so I went to exchange it and got the large white vase, 6 cups in a cute silver holder, a little white pot with a lid, and one other thing for the price of one large platter. SCORE!!!

Bella cucina dishes, polka dot plates, Doris day yellow tablescape
Que Serra Serra.... whatever will be will be ......the future's not ours to see.... que serra serra....
Just a little Doris Day singing for you! Hee Hee

Yellow plates, yellow tablescape
Hope you enjoyed this fun "Doris Day Luncheon" idea and please check out my TABLECAPE POST Orange and White Polka Dots
This is a repost from a few years ago..but I thought it would fun to post it again!

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