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Pink Puffy Coffee Filter Garland

By The Style Sisters - Monday, May 09, 2016

Coffee Filter Garland
I had my cute friend Shyla make this awesome Coffee Filter Garland for my daughters pink peach navy and gold Bridal Shower and we also used it for the reception too! 
The colors and fluffiness of it is just the best thing ever!!!!
Food Coloring is the secret behind the color.
Shyla played around mixing red and orange and water to get a gorgeous pink salmon color and then dipped small stacks of coffee filters in the color and laid them out to dry.

All over her house. After talking to my sister who had made one awhile ago.. She suggested drying them in the oven on a low temp but it's seems to me I've heard drying them in the dryer? Anyone ever tried that method?
After adding in some plain white ones to the mix she strung them on some string and made herself a gigantic Lei and did the hula! 😂 she is so funny!
Shyla used 200 that she dyed and probably another package of just white ones and squished them up once they were strung.
We used it for Emily's bridal shower
Here we used it at the reception over the fireplace
Then Emily used it at her house for mine and Madeline's birthday dinner!
I love to find ways to use something like this multiple times!
A huge thank you to Shyla for all her time and effort!!

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