Hot Wheels Cake - First attempt with Fondant

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hot Wheel's Race Track Cake!
This was my first attempt at using fondant and I'm not gonna lie it was a little tricky. I looked around on the internet to for some ideas and came up with this plan
Hot wheels race track cake- The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake PInterest
I used rice krispie treats to mold the track and then cover it in fondant. 
These are easily shaped into rectangles
I shaped the loop de loop first

Hot wheels race track cake, The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake
and then added more track to to it...since I am not a was kind of lumpy hehehe but hey a little boy is not going to care he will think it looks awesome right? 
Then I covered the race track and loop de loop in orange fondant
I rolled it out into long skinny pieces 

Then I covered all the rice krispy pieces. It was kind of funky on the circular loop de loop because it was not a smooth surface. (it looks more like a road from the Flintstones cartoon) But all in all I think it worked out pretty good. I think I made the The loop de loop a little bit too thick so next time I would make it thinner so it would stand up better.
For the light signal I simply used a rectangle of rice krispies and a skinny skewer
Melted some chocolate chips and added.... 
M&M's for the little lights
My circle looks pretty smooth in this pic!
 I think I was going to try and make a tire out of this small circle but I didn't end up needing it.
Next I made a butter cream frosting and tinted it a fun color blue. I placed it on a round cardboard cake thingy (I can't think of what they are called!) and covered the cardboard with black and white checkerboard scrapbook paper to mimic the flags at races.
Added some Hot Wheels cars on top and at the base of the cake, stacked up some oreo cookies at the back to represent tires and...
Hot wheels race track cake, The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake

Plopped in some plastic checkerboard flags from the craft store and Voila! Hot Wheel's Race Track Cake!
Hot wheels race track cake, The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake
I made this for a cake auction and the little boys there were bugging their moms to buy it! 
It was one of the most popular cakes there! 

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