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Relaxing on the beach..... NOT!!

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Where have I been you might be wondering?? Anyone?? Well, for those who may be wondering...
  I have been away relaxing on a tropical island sipping delicious non-alcoholic fruity drinks and soaking up the sun...
bahahahahah NOT!! 
Only in my dreams!
 Middle of May... My oldest daughter..Madeline, hubby and 3 kids moved in right before she had my newest grand baby boy THEODORE :) ..ooh he is so precious!! I cooked, cleaned and entertained the other 3 kids all while  planning a bridal shower for my youngest daughter Emily with help from Madeline (thank heavens)... as well as planning Emily's wedding reception! (I am still waiting for photos from photographer to post about it). PLUS we had tons of family come into town and stay with us for the wedding (IT WAS A BLAST) the next day after the wedding it was the 4th of July with all of them here so there were parades to go to, food to cook and fireworks to watch (YES I WAS dead tired) after I relaxed for a tiny bit we then celebrated my birthday (which Madeline did a fabulous job) and then we celebrated Madeline's birthday two days later at Emily's new home (Such a fun girls night ) :), after that I accompanied my husband (he is a bishop) to visit a couple of Girls Camps, THEN I started helping Madeline prepare to move into their new house by PAINTING!! Lots and lots of PAINTING! 
Holy Cow its been an amazing summer! 

painting, turquoise paint, Grey Paint
The lovely turquoise color on my hand is the color we painted in my granddaughters room after pics coming up

More before pics of Madeline's is going to be so adorable! 

Madeline's eventual plans are to renovate the kitchen by adding counter and cupboards into the bay window are and putting the sink to that side of the room and sliding the fridge down because there is a doorway separating the fridge from the kitchen :(

Here are a few of the after pics from painting #sherwinwilliams #Aquatint
There are plans to reno the bathrooms too but until then more turquoise paint (which I love)

Grey is the color of the day for most of Madeline's house...her bedroom, the boys bedroom, hallways etc... it is a beautiful hue especially paired with bright colors like yellow. Remember her kitchen in her other house

Madeline mixing up the gray paint #sherwinwilliams #lightfrenchgray

Boys room will have Blue and Red accessories 

Stay tuned as Madeline puts her decorating talents to use in this great new home!

Coming up 
How To's from the Bridal Shower and Wedding Reception
Emily and Kevin's Painted Countertops
Amazing Chocolate Ganache Cake Recipe
My New Beadboard area above My Fireplace DIY
And soooo much more!!

P.S. How many of you would like Centerpiece Wednesday to Return? 

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