Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham Blouse

By The Style Sisters - Friday, February 27, 2015

Fashion Friday- Navy and White Gingham Blouse
Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse

I love this Navy and White Gingham blouse or checked shirt whichever you prefer to call it. It has been so versatile with so many colors and looks good with skirts or pants! I showed you another outfit using this blouse in my 5 Casual Outfits post awhile back.

Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse
I paired the blouse with my lemon yellow pencil skirt and added pops of red with my $5.00 Walmart necklace! Uh Huh..Remember my peach one? It is exactly the same one but I did not pay $5.00 for it when I bought it a few years ago in Texas!

Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse
I love to add pops of color to my outfits in case you haven't noticed ;)

Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse outfits

 So here I just changed out the skirt to my red skinny jeans. Everything else stayed the same.
Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse red shoes
Like my eyebrow pop? I look like Colonel Klink from Hogan's Hero's if any of you remember that show (totally dates me)
 Just picture a German accent. 
P.S. I don't know why the necklace looks orange in these is red.

HAHAHA by the way do any of you suffer from eyebrow lightening? Mine used to be black! My age spots are getting darker and my eyebrows are getting lighter! What's up with that?!!

 Now I am trying to channel Jackie O with the coat and sunglasses. 
Do you remember back in the 60's that we used to wear capes? 
 My cute mom made me one for Easter when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I loved it..I will have to dig that picture up and post it soon. I think that started my coat fettish. I love buying cute little coats for me and my granddaughter too!

The older I get the more I want to cover up my turkey neck and crows feet! Thank heavens for large sun glasses and button up blouses with fun necklaces.

Fashion Friday -Channeling Jackie O,  Navy and White Gingham blouse

I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

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  1. Hey, I LOVE your fashion posts.
    I want to address one's funny you mention lightening of the eyebrows. My sister said something to me about mine being lighter and one of them getting sparser a couple of months ago and her daughter (23 and fab) told us about a new product that she knew we would love..."Maybelline Brow Drama" in Soft Brown...that's what you need, too. I LOVE IT and so does my sister. Give it a try!!

    1. Susan thank you for telling me about this!! I am go into check it out for sure!!
      Karin :)


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