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Fashion Friday- Layering tips for short waisted women

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, November 20, 2014

Welcome to Fashion Friday!

This week I am sharing layering tips for short waisted women

Fashion Friday layering tips
Fashion Friday
I found this fun black and white polka dot blouse at H&M and the black Jeweled T-Shirt at Banana outlet. I just loved the jeweled look and no need for a necklace!
Fashion Friday layering tips
As usual the T-shirt is too long on me because of my short waist
Fashion Friday layering tips

If I left it alone I would look like one big curves

Fashion Friday layering tips
So I add a skinny belt...see how the lower half accentuates my hip area? NOT A GOOD no likey the thick rectangle action going on here
Camouflage! I pull the polka dot blouse out from underneath the t-shirt to break up the solid red and black, then I slightly pull both of the shirts up and over the belt for the blouson look. Notice how the blouse goes up on the sides? creates an upwards angle to camouflage the thick waist and hip.
Fashion Friday layering tips
I was never good at geometry in school but I feel like I know how to use angles to camoflague the areas of my body to look softer or more feminine.
Fashion Friday layering tips
Next week I will show you a few different looks with just the polka dot blouse!
Fashion Friday layering tips

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Excellent tip Karin...thanks so much for sharing! You look adorable as always, and really I love your outfit. Looking forward to seeing more looks with your polka dot blouse next week. Enjoy your weekend! :)


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