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Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, November 01, 2014

I love pillows!!! Making envelope pillows is so easy you can whip up a bunch in an afternoon like these I just made for my grandkids playroom. I didn't even measure with a measuring tape..I just eye bawled it!
Envelope pillow cover tutorial, sewing envelope pillow cover, The Style Sisters
My daughter Madeline had a bunch of pillow forms just laying around waiting to be covered so I went to town and whipped them up. These pillow forms measured 26x26, so I cut the fabric 25" wide by 58" long.
Step 1- fold up one short end about 5" ...I eye bawled it..so give or take. Sew along the edge..simple!
Envelope pillow cover tutorial
Step 2- lay out fabric (pretty side up) and then fold up the sewn edge to the about the middle....actually not the middle...a little less than that.
Envelope pillow cover tutorial, pillow cover tutorial
Step 3- Fold up the raw edge to cover the sewn edge. Now sew up both sides from end to end. Done!
Envelope pillow cover tutorial, pillow cover tutorial
4. Turn your pillow case inside out.
The style sisters Envelope pillow cover tutorial
5. Now your going to "stuff 10lbs of sugar into a 5 lbs sack" my favorite saying. I like the pillows to be big fat and fluffy so make the covers 1"-2" smaller than the pillow form.
IKEA fabric envelope pillow cover
Pretty cute! The fabric is from Ikea.
Sewing pillow covers, easy envelope pillow cover tutorial
Here is the back of the pillows
They finished up at 24x24 but I think I could've made them a bit smaller so they would look even fuller...it all depends on how full the pillow forms are.
The striped pillows ended up being 23x27 more of a rectangle but the forms were also 26x26 to begin with. Some of the pillows were more full than others when I started.
Striped envelope pillow covers tutorial
I sprayed the pillows outside with scotch guard to help protect them from getting too dirty but with little kids and a dog they are bound to get a little dirty :)

If you have any questions please email me or leave a comment...I'd be happy to answer any questions.
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