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Our new Pergola DIY

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our new Pergola
My sweet husband and a couple of friends built this beauty and I couldn't be happier! We loved having a pergola while living in Texas and I couldn't wait to have one here in our new home. It took a lot of really hard work on really hot days! Poor guys :(
My husband who I nickname "Marty Stewart" really has an incredible ability to see things three dimensional and knew exactly how he wanted this pergola to look...although I have to say I did put in my "design" two cents and suggested told him how I wanted the top beams to face out to the yard not to the side to facing our neighbors. I love to see the pretty edges...not the plain sides......So after arguing talking about it he decided my idea was pretty good hehehe
The first thing they did was to put a large very tall post into the ground which would be covered by a faux round pillar. After they put the post into the ground I wondered how they were going to lift the pillar high enough to get it to go over the post. Apparently so did they. The men ended up having to rent a machine ..its called a Genie Lift....it lifts large items high into the air, as you can see in these photos...high above the house! It totally worked perfectly!!
Then they began building the pergola by using braces that connect to the house..building a square and then spacing out the pretty posts and connecting them to the house. It is all very sturdy and built so well my hubby could stand on the top while hammering away. You can see him here climbing into our master bedroom window!
This is our newly enlarged patio and pergola all done!
Tell me if you agree with "my design" change :)
For some really great pergola ideas check out this site 
Design Rulz

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  1. It looks wonderful and I love the pilar, love the way the slats are facing, wow what a perfect addition to the home and will make it so much more useable...

  2. It's beautiful - I would love to live in a house where I could have one - sooo charming!!!

  3. Oh, it looks GREAT!!!!

    They did such a professionally perfect job - your entire outdoor living space is awesome - adds beauty, practicality and value to your b eautiful home.

    And what I love best about this post?
    I ♥ that VIEW that shows in that cute post with your hubs and your bedroom window - wow. And oh, he looks so hot, poor guy. No one will enjoy that relaxing space more than he, I bet.

    Very well done, thanks for sharing!

  4. looks fantastic. Definitely adds beuty and function to your already beautiful patio



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