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Outdoor dining ideas

By The Style Sisters - Friday, May 18, 2012

Dining Outdoors...I love to dine outside as much as I can with family and friends. It just makes eating together so much more fun!
Take a look at these hanging lanterns hanging from the branches of trees over the table.
I wish I had some trees in my backyard to hang lights from! I hope to build a pergola soon so I can have "hanging ability" on my patio.
I love how they used a simple white tablecloth with what looks like a denim runner down the center. The pillows on the benches...just adds a little softness to the outdoor experience.
I found all these pictures on At Home With Kim Vallee Look at these great water dispensers all in a row! Probably filled with lime water, orange water, tea and lemonade. Great idea!
I love the idea of creating a grill by using a little bucket with a grill on top for hot dogs at the beach! Brilliant!

Movie night in the backyard!! Hang a sheet get a projector and show your favorite movie! Don't forget the treats! Look at all the yummy food ideas. Bowls of different flavored popcorn...serving in paper sacks perfect!

I love the basket filled with little blankets for when the sun goes down. I also see mason jars filled with candy sticks.

What a fun idea to use big glas jars for licorice, gummy candies and what looks like chocolate covered raisins maybe?
Using the old fashioned soda bottles just adds to the fun evening!

Make sure you stop over at www.athomewithkimvallee.com for more ideas.

Enjoy your outdoor dining experiences and let me know if you tried any of these ideas and how they worked for you!



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  1. What great ideas for outdoor dining!

  2. Love all these fun ideas. So glad you featured them. With as many grands that I have these ideas will surely go over big in the backyard this summer. Thanks for sharing. And I'll hop on over to her blog. It sounds and looks amazing.


  3. Great post,I really like your article



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