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Memorial Day

By The Style Sisters - Monday, May 28, 2012

We started our Memorial Day by going on a bike ride around the lake and then we went Kayaking with a few of the neighbor kids and our daughter, her husband and our two little grandkids.

The weather was perfect...warm with a little breeze. The kids loved it!

Afterwards we rode back home and had a BBQ in the backyard.

I made some delicious turkey burgers! I used ground turkey mixed with a little red onion, egg, BBQ sauce, parmesean cheese, bread crumbs and spices. We topped the burgers off with some fresh Mozzarella cheese and turkey bacon...they were so moist and delicious!

My daughter Madeline made this delicious fruit salad! Watermelon cut into triangles that make a star shape. In the middle of the star is all kinds of fruit...canteloupe, grapes, slivered almonds, bananas and cut up watermelon drizzled with a lime honey poppyseed sauce. It is amazing!

Here is one of our little neighbors enjoying a he cute enough or what! Those big brown eyes and curly hair!

The little kiddies all enjoying popsicles....You can see my grandson Calvin standing in the middle with the red shirt on and my granddaughter Ella is on the right in a pink and white striped dress....I love watching all the kiddies having fun together.

It was a wonderful Memorial Day!!

I am so grateful for all those men and women who sacrificed so much for all of us to be able to live in Freedom and peace and comfort everyday...

I wish I could honor them in some amazing way.


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  1. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! It's been awhile since we've been kayaking but our kids used to love it :)

  2. Guanos for letting me BE part of your Memorial Day! It looks like your Family had a great day!

  3. I wrote " thanks" for letting....... My IPad gonne crazy! Sorry


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