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Shabby Chic Chair Cover Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Friday, February 10, 2012

After seeing this idea on the 
shabby chic website.... 
I decided to make one for myself.

Here is what I did 
(a few years ago I had these chairs but then  I sold when 
we moved to Texas)
 I am sad that I don't have them anymore they were soo 
But soon I will show you my new thrift store dining room chairs that 
I redid!!

1.  I made a pattern out of a paper bag by laying it on the chair 

and cutting it 
to match the shape of the seat and adding enough for seams.  I made  two 
small darts on the front..right above the legs to add a tailored look and make 
it more fitted. I cut out the shape from white canvas fabric.

2. I measured the outside of the chair seat... all around including the back. 
and doubled it to make the ruffle full. (I made the back piece separate from 
the front/side piece to allow room for legs of chair)

3. Sew the ruffle pieces onto your seat piece. Hem the ruffle.

4. Make 4 ties long enough and wide enough to attach to the chair cover 
around the legs and to help keep the cover in place. I think the finished size 
of the ties were 1 1/2 inches wide by how ever long you want. Leave space 
for sewing up the seam. You don't want them too skinny or they will look funny

 I am linking to 
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  1. Sorry my photos are so blurry and old looking..I pulled these pics off my old I don't keep that website up any more.

  2. I'll try this myself too. Thanks for sharing. Excellent idea indeed.

  3. Hi! I am LOVING your blog..just discovered it..your newest follower! Sunny109

  4. What a great idea!This is the information I was looking for.

  5. love it! Could you tell me- how much fabric per chair would I need? how many yards? My chairs look about the same size as yours- 16x18 inches. thanks!!


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