Love affair.....with Burlap

By The Style Sisters - Monday, September 27, 2010

I love burlap!
(I don't remember where I found these pics..sorry about that)
I wish I had time right now to whip up some cute pillows or recover some chair seats with some cute burlap that has that "Frenchy" feel
These chairs are just so unique! I love how they look.

Hello pleats!!
How long do you think this bed skirt took to make?
I absolutely love dress making details used on makes each piece really stand out. I don't like buying furniture all perfect from the store. I would rather take flea market items and make them my own by painting and or slipcovering them into something that says me....not...oh you bought this from "so and so" store.

Tomorrow I am helping with a sewing class at church so maybe in the afternoon I can carve out some time to sew for fun :)
All I need is more time to let my creativity soar!
Anyone else have a love affair with burlap and or linen?

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  1. I'm sorry but I don't like burlap or linen...burlap was what the animals feed came in when I was a girl on the farm and linen gets so wrinkly...I know, I'm so not with it..out of the loop..but I do like the bed here! ;D

  2. I love that bedskirt - it's awe...mazing what you can do with burlap.

    Those linens look so pretty.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I have much burlap left-over from a wedding reception...yes, my daughter wanted and used burlap for her celebration and it was great. I may just try my hand at a burlap bedskirt. Happy day.

  4. YES!! In fact, I just bought some burlap a couple weeks ago and have yet to make my projects with them! That bedskirt is amazing- I was wondering how raw your hands must be after making something like that! :)
    have a great day.

  5. Did you do the chair and was the burlap already printed? I have two gold silk chairs that need a makeover and I love this.

  6. I love burlap but not linen..wrinkles too much.
    I intend to make some burlap pillows for my leather sofas before wintertime hits...
    Gotta buy some stamps, too, to make them really cute.


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