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Just wishin I was here

By The Style Sisters - Monday, August 09, 2010

I don't know where this is but it looks awesome!
I wish I was there...I can feel a cool breeze gently blowing in...and maybe even needing to put a sweatshirt on after a fun day at the beach...Instead I am here in hot Texas with humidity.
It could be worse my precious husband just returned from a 3 week jaunt all over Asia where it was in the mid 90's with 90 to 95% humidity!!!
Can you even imagine!

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  1. I agree with you! We were just in San Francisco for the day-overcast and 50s. Now back home in the valley and back in the high 80's. Just not the humidity! I would love to wear a sweater and ride that bike a way as well.

  2. My dh has been working in LA & AL since June 12th.
    He tells me he has never felt heat like that before.
    He is born & bred in Jersey.
    I just laugh at him!

  3. I agree, I'd like to be there with that sand between my toes. It looks like Nantucket or Cape Cod to me. :-) Anyway, that's where I'd like to be! ~ Sarah

  4. Hi from Frog Hollow Farm! That photo reminds me of the entrances to the beaches in many of the small towns on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. It's also reminding me that I need to get my bike out and begin riding again. Thanks for sharing! Ciao, bella!

  5. I wish I was there too!!
    I found this great wallpaper background for my computer at work; it shows two white beach chairs in the shade of a palm tree on a white sand beach that is deserted except for a sea gull. The chairs are facing the incredible aqua blue ocean, which is probably the Caribbean.....I look at it every day and imagine myself there!! :-)

  6. That looks wonderful! We always get terrible humidity this time of year. Being on the shore is so much nicer. Thanks for stopping by.



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