Cell phone headbands all the rage! (REPOST) - The Style Sisters

Cell phone headbands all the rage! (REPOST)

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, August 29, 2010

I came across this hysterical post that my sister and I did almost
2 1/2 years ago and thought it would give you all a good laugh.

CELL PHONE HEADBANDS are hottest things on the market! Designed for those of us that are on the phone way too much! My sister and I don't live by one another and we are always on the phone. Today after being on the phone for hours and hours discussing the complexities of HTML, teaching each other how to edit photographs, and making a multitude of decisions regarding our new dynamic website and blog we noticed our necks and arms were starting to going numb! We needed something to hold our phones to our ears so we could have both hands free so we came up with a new invention! It is a headband phone holder!! We have decided to sell these on EBAY for a real steall! Don't you think we'll make a million?!! Ha Ha Ha

My sister Tiffany and I started this blog 2 1/2 years ago to share our home decorating, cooking and family experiences with you. Since Tiffany has young children she decided to start her own blog called www.thechildrensnest.blogspot.com that she puts most of her effort into. I have continued to develop The Style Sisters blog over these last two years on my own and have loved working on it and I hope it has inspired some of you. Tiffany is pregnant with her 5th child and is due in October and has just finished building a new addition onto her house as well! I hope to have photos to post of the before and after soon! I am so excited to meet Maxwell Timothy in October! All her kids are so adorable, precious and funny just like their mom!

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  1. I knew that I liked you. This is hysterical! Where can I order mine? I don't think that the napkin rings will go around my head. Cherry Kay

  2. The Waterford Simply Lime are in a July post, "Black & White Luncheon. The Waterford Simply Pink are also in my first post, "I Have a Seat Reserved Just For You." They'll also show up numerous times in future posts. I really like them! They are also made in an amethyst, which I had decided that I didn't want. Of course, now that they are eBay priced out of my comfort zone, I would love to have them, too. Ah, well...real life rears its ugly head. Cherry Kay

  3. This is hillarious! Go for it and make those millions! LOL

  4. GIRL, Did yo know i do this...lol hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...I use different things...headbands, towels, strings...lol My hubby bought me a blue tooth and I still go back to that...Why? I dont know...i love you even more for posting this...lol

    Swing by and look at my client's home...Beautiful! Hugs, Meme


  5. Too funny! Sisters are the best!! I should buy 3 for my 3 daughters...LOL

    Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com

  6. I am dying laughing right now!!! Did not know that you posted this! That was the funniest thing ever! Love that we are just so creative with our phones.... he he he... Thanks for the sweetest post my cute sista!!!!! Love you to pieces! Did you get your plane ticket yet to come and help me with my living room??? He he he he



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