There is beauty all around.... - The Style Sisters

There is beauty all around....

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, June 13, 2010

I took these photos of some of the beautiful flowers from around my yard.
Right now we have Crepe Myrtle trees in bloom all around the yard.
I took this really pretty shot of some of them floating in the water.
Flowers in pots around the pool.Close up of the Crepe Myrtles on the branches.

We also have some gorgeous yellow Day lilies in all their glory!

One small rose bush all pretty in pink.

This is a blue Hydrangea gettin ready to blossom out. I love how this picture turned out all fluffy and delicate.

Our pink Hydrangeas have already come on with many blossoms.
Heavenly Father has created a beautiful world for us to enjoy.
I love to take time and smell the roses and recognize all of His creations and see the beauty all around.
Happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. These are so very beautiful..they look like paintings! Thanks for sharing them. Come say hi :D

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and am excited to look it so far!!
    Passing this blog award along to you...



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