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Centerpiece Wednesday and DIY Wedding Reception in an Old Fire Station

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Reception and Centerpiece Wednesday!
I had the fun opportunity of helping a good friend of mine put together a wedding reception in an old fire station.

This proves that you can turn any room into a beautiful reception area without spending hardly a dime! The brides mother bought the paper white lanters online and saved a bundle.

This is the adorable bride and groom. When we first saw the place this is what it looked like. Lots of windows but they were covered up with those yucky vertical blinds.

Those blinds were not very cooperative when we tried to get them open. It took 5 of us to work on them to get them to slide! I can't tell you how grateful I am for my friends and their ingenuity.
To make the room have some sparkle you have to add light. I have lots and lots of Christmas lights so I knew once we hung some lights it would add some sparkle with no money spent

I wanted the lights to go up and down all accross this area as this would be the dance floor and the place for the DJ. This is how it turned out. As the night progressed it looked more and more beautiful and reflected on all the windows.

Here is the before photo of the ceiling. I knew my hubby could figure out a way to hang lights all accross the ceiling and then we could hang the white paper ball lanterns from the lights and really make it look special. My husband new that just one strand of lights would not be bright enough so he combined two strings of lights by twisting them together to make it thicker. It took longer than we had anticipated. Get all the lights out, test them, interwine them and at one point... I got a little panicky thinking we would not get this done in time but he is so patient with me even when I have a freak out!
This room is so large and to try and make it feel special without spending hardly any money was a little tricky. But my man made it happen! I wish the photos were better really looked so nice. Especially when it got darker. The room just glowed!

The paper lanterns are the best bang for your buck!Here is the large window area again...before we hung the lights all accross the windows Here is the same area with lights, paper lanterns and the DJ all set up! He was an amazing DJ by the way.

The music was fabulous!So here we have a little alcove if you will...we decided this would be the place where we would put the wedding cakes.....pretty huh? Ha Ha I had the brides mom buy some black landscaping tarp stuff (I was going to use it on some of the windows to add some drama with lights glowing behind it but decided I didn't need it) So we decided to make a drape type look with it and added some tulle. One of the brides Aunts was very creative and helped out a ton with this idea. Oh and did I mention she also made the brides gown!! AMAZING!! I had this wreath of Hydrangeas and Peonies that we hung from the center with fishing line.Underneath it all we used a large round table to put the wedding cakes on. NO that is not a pig sitting on is an armadillo!! In Texas you gotta have an armadillo cake don't ya? That was the grooms cake and it was amazing!! More pictures are below of each cake. The white bucket on the table is holding a huge bouquet of some of the branches off my crepe myrtle trees! They looked amazing. (FREE)
Two sweet friends of the bride offered to make the wedding cakes.

Isn't this beautiful? I love the simple but elegant details on it and the fresh flowers on the top.Here is the armadillo cake in all his glory! Isn't he amazing! Every detail is there. You can see he is wearing a chef hat...that is for the groom he wants to be a chef. Then down by his can see a pair of scissors...that is for the bride..she is a hairstylist.

Precious or what and it was delicious too!For the drinks we served water in a punch bowl with an ice ring made of water and strawberries. It made the water taste soo good. Then some of their family brought tons of fruit punch in the plastic bottles from Wal-Mart and I thought it would be yucky but let me tell you.....if you pour it into a punch bowl and add some ice rings that are made with limes, lemons and cuts the sweetness and it was really good! Who would have thought?!! Try it!

You will be surprised! This was the food table...we ran out of white tablecloths so we used the black landscaping paper and rolled it on the tables!! It looked great! We borrowed chaffing dishes for the incredible sausage and BBQ'd beef brisket that a relative made....I gotta tell was mouth watering!!! We had many ladies from our church make spinach or pasta salads and rolls were purchased from Costco!

For the centerpiece
I brought a large wire basket with big silk hydrangeas and peony flowers in it that I used at my own daughters wedding reception almost 3 years ago and placed that in the middle. It took close to 3 hours to pull this all together and about 30 minutes to take it all down with everyones help.

It was a wonderful reception and I hope you can use some of these money saving techniques for any large event you have coming up.
You know..... you can spend an arm and a leg on a reception and have it turn out really amazing.... but I really think the best receptions are the ones where lots of loved ones come together to help lift the burden of the brides family to create an atmosphere where everyone can celebrate two lives coming together to make new life together as one.
So many amazing memories of people coming together to help one another out.
I love it!
Can't wait to see what you have been up to creating beautiful centerpieces!
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  1. really turned this into a gorgeous place...I loved the windows...and what you did with them, so classy! Come say hi :D

  2. Wow. Loved the simple elegance. You are going to make it a place that everyone wants to use!! I totally agree with you about weddings/receptions. My oldest son is getting married in October and I am looking for simple, sweet and wonderful ideas to help the bride (and groom!!) make it a day to remember! Thanks. Lori L

  3. You are one creative lady! My son is getting married in August, where do I get an armadillo cake? :-)

  4. The bride looks so happy! what a great job you do!


  5. awesome event. what a terrific venue. I'm joining in with a centerpiece at my front door. lol

  6. wow!
    this is so wonderful!!
    you did such an incredible job!
    congrats to the bride and groom.

  7. You did a great job, transforming this space. I bet the bride and groom were so happy. I love the simple white cake with flowers.

  8. I'm amazed that you transformed that space in only three hours! The cakes are absolutely incredible, and all the food sounds wonderfull! Fascinating and unusual post. Glad you linked to Tablescape Thursday!

  9. What a difference between before and after. You did a great job to change this fire station to an festive room for this wedding. I am amazed by this armadillo cake. Nice idea with the hat and scissor. It looks to me that the young couple and their guests enjoyed the party very much in this pretty ambience.
    Greetings, Johanna


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