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The Rest Of My Sunflower Tablescape

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here is my Sunflower Tablescape in full view. Make sure you link up to my Centerpiece Wedneseday party HERE going on right now and link back to The Style Sisters so we can all learn from each other fun ways to do a Centerpiece! I just love bright yellow and orange together it just makes me smile.
I found these very colorful napkins at Home Goods the other and day and knew I just had to use my bright yellow plates in this tablescape. I bought these large yellow plates at a Pottery Barn outlet in Las Vegas many years ago. I love the color and they are huge and heavy.Here is a view showing the orange chair wraps that I found at the thrift store the other day...10 of them for a buck! They just make the whole tablescape feel more special with that added touch.I found these crazy looking bugs at Hobby Lobby and decided they needed to be marching along on the table too..but my husband said they look like large colorful cockroaches! RUDE!!
(LOL actually they kind of do but don't tell him that I said that)Here is fun way to use some of my napkin rings in an unexpected way. I turned these darling orange glasses upside down and placed a white napkin ring on top and added the votive candle to make them stand out. Pretty cute and easy.I just liked the way this photo turned out with my clock in the background. You see some of my cookbooks peeking through the handle of the pitcher.I thought this was fun way to set your silverware on the table....crisscrossed with a napkin ring around them.... placed inside a bowl with the napkin folded and placed between the bowl and the plate.

Then I took the napkin and squenched it up just at the bottom with a napkin ring and added the crisscrossed silverware for another pretty look.

Napkin Rings are available here on my blog for only a dollar each.

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  1. What a wonderful tablescape! Just so pretty and festive. Loved this, Karin! :-)

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. I just love all the bright colors of this table! The chair ties were a great find; how perfect for this table.
    I love the napkins and silverware all bundled together with a napkin ring!

  3. love all the fabulous colors & the knick knacks throughout. Scrumptious table!

  4. What a lovely colorful tablescape. Puts a smile on my face, immediately!

  5. Oh so pretty! Those sunny colors are a feast for the eye.

  6. Love that color combination! I think your bugs look cute, but that is so funny that your husband said that!

  7. So beautiful and creative way to use the napkins rings.


  8. This is such a cheery table! I love the sunflowers and all the little details you have included.

  9. Orange is a great color for a tablescape. Its very cheery!. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower.



  10. That orange is fab! Great use of color and your napkin rings-I love! Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Gorgeous sunflowers! I love the bright colors you've used on this table, and what a great idea to turn the glass upside down to elevate a votive with one of your pretty napkin rings!

  12. I just loved this eye popping tablescape from the chair wraps (who would have thunk?) to the bugs. Just a fun and lovely table! Joni

  13. So cute! Love it all ...even the giant bug who does NOT look like a cockroach, trust me ...I used to live in an apartment in NYC.

    There were roaches the size of MICE in the laundry room in the basement.

    They were not cute. Yours is a hoot!

  14. Oh I just Love your very happy table!! I love sunflowers too! Love the napkins, of course the napkin rings and those yellow bowls. Gorgeous!!

  15. Anita Diaz said it all, she just loves your "happy" table. How could it be anything different, it is just like you, HAPPY! Your table reflects your personality to a T. And besides, it is gorgeous.
    You are a light in my life and I love you to pieces.

  16. WOW! I love this color combination! How lovely! And I think the little "cockroaches" are adorable...haha! You always have some great ideas! Thanks for sharing this beautiful table! =D


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