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Memorial Day Table Decorations

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, May 08, 2010

(I am still away enjoying my new grandson and granddaughter so I am reposting this Memorial day post with some fun ideas)
Memorial Day Weekend is coming!!
I found a bunch of Ideas to get you inspired to plan something special this year for your family and friends.
Some of these I have posted before but I thought they deserved a second look.
I love this wooden crate filled with old silverware, blue and white napkins and blue willoware dishes. It says something special is happening doesn't it!How you display your food says a lot too. It just looks more inviting when the fruit is cut and placed on a platter nicely, chips in a basket instead of out of the bag, a few votive candles and is a party!Look at this simple centerpiece...carnations, a few flags and star picks and a few greens and instant sparkle to your table.

Or how about this centerpiece...I used silks mixed with real flowers, a few flags and stuck them in a white metal flower tin vase.
red white and blue tablescape, Memorial Day Table decor, 4th of July table decor,  Red white and Blue
Love this idea...stacking white footed dishes one on top of the other and filling them red and blue fruit! Simple and yet stunning.

I can't remember what this dessert is called. But it looks perfect for Memorial or 4th of July. I found it on the BHG website. I think it is a cream cheese berry tart of some sort. My mouth is watering is yours?

I absolutely love this bold idea!! An old red tricycle or how about a cute old red wagon on your buffet table with flags and more flags, white daisies in old glass jars, a clear glass vase filled with red white and blue poker chips

Red and white striped bowls, corn on the cob with flags stuck in amongst them, lobster and red and white dish towels.
This is how I picture all of you on East Coast celebrating!

Love this Napoleon dessert. Using frozen filo dough and baking the sheets sprinkled with sugar and once baked, layering them in between layers of whipped cream and vanilla pudding sprinkled with red and blue fruits!

Love the idea of hanging a large American flag outside as a dramatic backdrop for your dining experience. Oh and can you see the stars hanging from ribbons in the window?
Cuteness factor going on!

No Tablecloth? How about some old blue and white sheets! They can work wonders as a table cloth. And by all means set this up outside in the garden!

I put daisies in small vases and set them close to each other to make a long table decoration. Tie a pretty red and white polka doted ribbon around a white napkin and tuck the silverware in for a new fun look.

Did I mention to use small American flags in all of your decorating? he he he

The kids will love to help make this masterpiece....Cookie Pizza in the shape of the American Flag. As they put it together you can share tid bits about the flag to help them remember important facts about it. Like how many stars are there and what do they represent, how many stripes, what do the colors represent? etc... Make it a fun learning experience

American Flag dessertSo there you have it...Memorial Day and 4th of July Inspiration!

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  1. Oh I love all the the tricycle one the best but the others are cute also.

  2. Thank you for all the lovely ideas! I think I will use the stacked compote idea on Memorial Day. I love to use red and white checked napkins. They look so festive.


  3. Thanks for all of the ideas! Have a great day!

  4. SO cute. I love them all. I really need to work on my tablescaping!


  5. What fabulous ideas. I just found some blue and white willow dishes at the GW and they will be perfect to do a Memorial Day theme with. Thanks for all the suggestions, it has me brainstorming now. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love these ideas. I have been thinking of ideas to decorate for Memorial day. Love the red white and blue...the Americana look especially looks good outdoors on the back porch! I so enjoy your blog!

  7. Everything is just too cute! I especially love the tricycle on the table, the stacked dishes, and the flags in the flower arrangement! Very creative!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  8. Thanks for all the great ideas! Now I'm inspired to do something fun for the holiday.

    I like to see the pictures from your kitchen. Makes me feel like I'm there chatting with you!

    Happy Memorial Day.

  9. What a fun blog you have girl...loved it all...May you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. SUPER CUTE RERE!!! we need to do some of that when we are there! its gonna be a full house!!! CANT WAIT TO C U!!!

  11. Everything looks great! Can I join you? Ha! Love it all!


  12. This is so cool!

    Thanks for sharing the ideas...


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