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Hot Pink, Lime Green and Turquoise Christmas Tree

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, December 06, 2008

I simply love my daughters Christmas tree! It is filled with all these crazy colors and fun ornaments. I found most of these ornaments last year at Garden Ridge for something like...
80% -90% off at the after Christmas sale! When my girls were younger I would let them pick out unique Christmas ornaments to put on small trees in their rooms. They always seemed to pick these bright and wild colors and so as the years have passed they have collected many fun brightly colored ornaments.
Now that my oldest is married she wants more of the traditional looking ornaments so Emily gets to keep all these crazy ones for now. I keep asking her if this is the kind of tree she wants to have someday when she is married and she always answers .."of course! I love sparkly, shiny, foofy looking things and my husband and family will just have to love it too!" I love it!

I really enjoy looking at all these colors and at night when the tree is lit up is just glows!

The garlands look like beaded necklaces wrapped around the tree....little pink clear beads. For the tree skirt I had some lime green satin fabric laying around (from some pajama pants my mom and I had made for her volleyball team members a few years ago..Remember mom? We about pulled our hair out because the satin fabric would start to fray and fall apart so we actually made 11 pairs of pajama pants twice!!! OH Man they were a pain)
Emily draped the fabric around the base and it looks awesome!
Emily and her tree.

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  1. Lovely! These colors really pop! My girls always had the family tree to decorate and I had mine. LOL The problem was I would still sneak and rearrange the ornaments when they went to sleep. Ho Ho


  2. I adore this tree! I especially love the tradition you had with your daughters. I can't wait to do the same starting next year with my daughter who is 9 months old today!

  3. Now that is a happy tree.... All the colors are just glorious.... so pretty... It is so fun to see all the trees....

  4. Hi Karen,

    Are you up for the challenge? come over and check it out. :-)


  5. That's a very fun tree. I'm starting to rethink white trees!

  6. What a great Christmas tree!! So much fun!! :)

  7. Oops, sorry I didn't use my blogger profile! -Erin (cptnrin)

  8. What a great looking white christmas tree!! so fun, so beautiful.


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