By The Style Sisters - Monday, October 27, 2008

Last night we had a Halloween/Birthday party for our daughter's 18th birthday and it was a great success! Check out some of our decorations for the ghoulish evening!

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them to see the details better. We decorated our dining room by attaching white bulb lights (from outside) across the ceiling of the dining room. Then I hung strips of black tulle every few feet. Then I had some white paper lanterns left over from my older daughters wedding and I spray painted some of them black and some of them orange and hung them from the lights too.

For the food table I used a piece of black fabric that I had laying around and draped it over the table. I had a funky candelabra from Halloween's past and other odds and ends that I picked up over the years from thrift stores to hold candles and placed them on the table. I also had from over the years...a skull, a fake hand that we put into a grinder machine, small little skull candle holders, a cool Halloween sign hung from a wrought iron stand, and of course spider webbing.

My cute husband made the gigantic spider web and we found the giant spider at Walmart for $7.00! We also attached a bunch of smaller spiders to the door frame as you entered the house.

We had the kids play fear factor with all kinds of creepy food from our local chinese market. Things like stinky tofu, dried squid and pickled bamboo shoots just to name a few. We had the kids each taste each item and the one who won had to eat everything and swallow it. It was hysterical and gross at the same time.

Then for the movie....we hung up a large sheet and through my husbands computer and projector watched the classic movie ARACNAPHOBIA!! The kids had never seen it before and everyone was screaming as spiders jumped on their prey! IT was awesome!

All of our inspiration came from Martha Stewart and Mary Engelbriet magazines!

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  1. Great ideas for a teen Halloween party. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You did amazing with the DECOR!!! I love how it turned out! You need to email more details of the evening.......

  3. Oh this party sounded like so much fun! Glad everything turned out great and love all the party decorations.

  4. This is TOO cool! I hope your daughter appreciated the work you must have put into it. I LOVE the orange and black lanterns. OH--your husband MADE the web? Who does that? I love it all!

  5. what a wonderful party...I loved the giant spider on the front of the house..having an October birthday I always had a Halloween themed party as a kid but Mom never decorated like that....

  6. Now I know the kids must be loving this party! Sounds like a great time! Hope your kiddo had an awesome birthday!

  7. You are like the best mom ever.
    Will you be my mom?
    Well my older sister maybe??? :>)

  8. To all my blogger friends you guys are the best! You all made my day and yes my daughter did love the party, the decor and even made most of the food herself! Emily made her famous sugar cookies and some delicious banana bars with cream cheese frosting that she tinted orange..they are to die for!! It really was great fun!

  9. My goodness...I loved everything I saw here. The front porch was even to die for!!! Looks like great memories were made that night. Way to go mom! : )

  10. Wow!! Talk about a themed party!! What fun everyone must have had.

    I have left you an award back at my place. :)

  11. This is awesome!! What an amazing party...I am definitely bookmarking these ideas for the future. You are a really fun mum!!


  12. What a fantastically fun birthday and Halloween party! The spider web and cocoon were so creepy and dramatic. I love your twist on Fear Factor -- those are some lucky kids!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and I look forward to stopping by yours regularly!

  13. What fun! Love the Fear Factor idea. I bet that was funny.

    Oh I would love to know how to show the movie outside. That would be so fun.


  14. WOW, WOW,WOW!!! You went all out and what terrific ideas and creative decorations! I'll bet everyone had a blast! My son's bday is Oct.31st (now 22)and I'll bet he wishes he had you for parents when he was growing up to throw the best bday party ever! Sadly, I was never much into Halloween.


  15. Oh my, your decorations were amazing! The front of the house looked so awesome. (Heading to Walmart for large spider) Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!!!

  16. What a great party! I love the fabric and the black tulle. I picked up some black tulle the other day. I bet they had fun doing the fear factor thing. Joni



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