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Dr. Suess Wreath DIY- Made from Dr. Suess books

In honor of Dr. Suess birthday tomorrow I am re-posting this Dr. Suess wreath that I made for a Youth Conference with the theme "Oh the Places You Will Stand".
 I made this wreath using "The cat in the hat" and "Hop on Pop" Dr. Suess books. We used the wreath on our snack table as the centerpiece. I saw this wreath here and decided to whip one up. It was pretty easy.
STEP 1-  I cut each page into a 6" square and rolled them into little comes with a little tail sticking out of the top.
STEP 2-  I took a paper plate and cut out the center circle and glued each cone onto it.
Dr. Suess wreath made from pages of books-

Dr. Suess wreath made from pages of books-

Dr. Suess wreath made from pages of books-
STEP 3- Then to cover up the center hole I cut a circle out of one of the books with the Cat in the Hat centered on it of course :)

Dr. Suess wreath made from pages of books-
This is the only pic I have of the treat table we set looked so much cuter in person! My friend made the banners in the background soo cute! We filled glass jars with all kinds of candy, popcorn and pretzels.
Here is the gym all decked friends husband did the lights, the balloon drop, and made the wooden signage!
Just me being goofy with one of the Young Women. We were creating a Photo Booth with lots of brightly colored paper flowers I made using this tutorial and we used these paper flowers for centerpieces here



  1. oh wow Karin, that Dr. Seuss wreath is just the cutest most brilliant thing ever! Love it!



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