Fashion Friday- Tie update and A checked blouse for me!

By Karin Brosnan - Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello my bloggin buds...I have been so busy making ties lately that I haven't had much time to blog this week! In case you missed my announcement ...I started my own little tie company.
Fresh Picked Ties!!They are ties for little guys.
Super cute fabrics all 100% cotton and fully lined with a Velcro closure....little boys are LOVING them!
I need your help...which of these prints do you like the best? There are nine in the picture so you can just say # 4 is my fav or # 6. Thanks a bunch!
Little boys ties, fresh picked ties, dinosaur ties
So I was shopping at banana outlet with daughter for my Mother's Day present and saw this cute blouse on clearance and snatched it up. I love has a stretch to it and it seems to be cut shorter through the torso..perfect for a short waisted gal like ME! I also found these yellow skinny jeans there too!
Fashion Friday, fashion for fifty something's
I don't usually wear a lot of navy but this just looks so springy to me. I have always loved white sneakers ever since I was a kid..I found these at target...I think?? When I lived in So. Cal in the early 70's (oh that seems like forever ago) friends and I wanted boat shoes or deck we e saved our babysitting money and rode our bikes to Fashion Island and bought them at JCPennys! Oh gosh loved wearing them! We thought we were so cool LOL
Navy checked blouse, yellow skinny jeans, fashion Friday
Just some simple earrings to accessorize and I am ready for the day!
Well my friends this is the end of my sewing break.....I gotta get back to making more ties..don't forget to vote for your favorite...oh and if you would like to purchase one...they are $10.50 ea plus 3.50 for shipping and handling. Just leave me a message with your email or you can buy one through my Etsy shop. I have more prints for sale in my shop.
Fashion Friday, fashion for 50 something's
These silly pics are for my grandkids.....crazy grandma :)
TA TA For Now...

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