Centerpiece Wednesday and wrap up

Sorry I'm late in getting the party's been another hectic week! Saturday night we had 30 youth over to our husband was recently made the bishop in our ward (congregation) and he wanted to get to know the youth better so we had an ice cream movie night at our house. So fun!! Sunday morning my oldest daughter had lots of pain went into emergency and they had to do an appendectomy Sunday night. Madeline has three little kids...the youngest is only 2 months old! So grandma has had to step in and take care of the little pups and Momma....which of course I don't mind at all :) Madeline is doing great by the way! Last night I had a very long planning meeting to plan a youth conference for 250 youth and leaders coming up in June, plus three repair man in and out trying to fix the little flood we had in the basement a week ago! Enough of my craziness lets PARTY!

I am in love with these paper sacks and pretty fabric flowers! They are so pretty and fun! Kadee Willow

I have a slipcovered white sofa from Ikea and it is the perfect thing! All you add is a pop of color with pillows and voila instant fun! Check out all The tips at Lee Caroline

Stairway to heaven! Is she creative or what!! This is wallpaper! Check out the tutorial at The Bold Abode

Are these highi heeled cupcakes the cutest thing or what! Ohh so fun! Mommy Moment

Lets Party everyone! Link up whatever has been the centerpiece of your your creativity!

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