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Napkins Make All The Difference

I love how a cloth napkin and a pretty napkin ring makes all the difference in a placesetting. Here are some of my favorites.

These white Napkins are my all time favorite and I use them all the time. I bought these white napkins at a little shop in Chicago P.O.S.H Chicago and I had the opportunity to go back there over the summer but they didn't have any more :( I was so sad but they do carry fabulous hotel silverware, table top decor, dishes etc.. check them out.

Same napkin as the first one but placed on a different salad or dessert plate makes it look new and different!

 I made this napkin...fabric from Hobby Lobby. So springy and fun!
 Love this napkin from TJMAXX the pattern is fabulous.

 Another beautiful napkin from TJMAXX


  1. You're so right! The right napkin choice can make a table sparkle even more. Thanks for inviting us for a peak at all these lovelies. Cherry Kay

  2. Love all your napkins and holders. Yes, they do dress up the setting and basically, that is the first thing that a person reaches for on the table, so it should really make a statement. A sort of "hello glad you came"..They are all so beautifully presented.

  3. I too love napkins. I brought several sets back from France when we were in Provence and I always get compliments on them. When people ask where they can get them, I simply say it's a long way from here.

    I'm your newest follower and I'm having a great time reading all of your tips. Remodeling and redecorating are two of my hobbies right after food of course.



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