Crown votive candle holders

These adorable crown votive candle holders are so fun to use in so many unique ways!

You can fill them with a small bouquet of fresh flowers for each of your guests or run them down the center of your table for a centerpiece.

Or use can use them to serve jam or any kind of sauce for each guest for a fun change of pace. How about at a little girls princess party with candy in them?

I love how they look with flowers overflowing in them. Wouldn't they be great used at a wedding...if you strung them with ribbon and hung them from chandeliers or if the wedding was outside how about from tree branches?

Of course they are perfect with a little candle in them adding a warm glow on the table.
What fun ideas can you come up with to use these little beauties?

I am selling them here on my blog ...a set of four for only $9.00! Get some while they last!

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