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Easter flower baskets, Easter tablescape, New carpeting and 2 new recipes!

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Easter Flower Baskets my new carpeting and 2 new recipes! 

I have been busy! Well I really have been busy but I didn't make the flower baskets my friends did! I am highlighting them from last weeks linky party! We did get new carpeting and I did try 2 new recipes! 

I just love highlighting creative bloggers! Last week there were so many ideas to choose from. 
I noticed 5 of them created spring flower baskets all unique from one another. One used an old fishing creel, another a bird cage, one used a wooden basket and you won't believe the one that used a mildewed basket and what she did with it! 

Click to read all about it.

My new carpeting

We have lived in this house for over 11 years now. You might remember when we first moved in and I blogged about it here. 

The original carpeting started to bubble just a few years after it was installed. I had it stretched 4 times! It still bubbled so it was time for new carpeting. 

I am in love with how it looks! 

It brings in even more a beachy look now. 
Even my craft room looks beachy! 

Chocolate chip cookies with a secret ingredient

Have you ever heard of adding apple cider vinegar when making chocolate chip cookie dough? I hadn't either! I tried this new recipe and I have to say it is my new favorite recipe!

Cheesy Penne Eggplant Dish

Since traveling to Italy lately we eat a lot of pasta and eggplant when we are there. I decided I wanted to try and recreate a dish we have eaten there. I think I nailed it! At least my hubby thinks so :)

Children's Easter table

Oh I almost forgot to show you how cute the grandkids Easter tablescape turned out! I wanted it to be whimsical and brightly colored. It was really easy to create using jelly beans and Lindt chocolate bunnies! 

I folded the napkins to look like bunny ears and I made a video showing how easy it is to make them. 

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