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No Sew Recyled T-shirt Covered Pumpkin Craft

By The Style Sisters - Friday, November 20, 2020

 No Sew Recycled T-shirt covered Pumpkin craft 

This is so fast and easy and you can use T-shirts from the thrift store or your own closet! 

You could make a bunch for your Thanksgiving Tablescape within minutes! 

Items Needed-

Faux pumpkins from the dollar store

Old T-shirts in falls colors

Real stems from small pumpkins

Hot Glue

supplies for upcycled t-shirt covered pumpkin

Step 1- Get Fall T-shirt and Faux Pumpkins

Find an old somewhat stretchy T-shirt in fall colors and some faux pumpkins.

You can shop your closet or go to a thrift store or garage sale to find the colors you are looking for. 

I found this one at a thrift store and loved the colors and the print. 

Step 2- Remove the Stem

Remove the stem from the faux pumpkin and enlarge the opening just a little bit. 

These pumpkins are made out of foam so I just used my finger to kind of open it up a little bit.

Step 3 Cut t-shirt to have one large piece

Cut out one side of the T-shirt so that it will lay flat and there are no seams. 

Place Pumpkin in the center of the T-shirt

Step 4- Begin to stuff the t-shirt into pumpkin

Begin to pull up the edges and stuff into the center of the pumpkin where you enlarged the hole. 

As you do this make little pleats as you go to give it a textured look. 

Step 5 Finish stuffing the t-shirt into the pumpkin

Continue this process until it is all stuffed into the center opening. 

You can fiddle with it a little bit to make sure the pleats look nice and even but this does not have to be perfect at all! 

If there are short ends, just make sure to overlap the longer pieces over the shorter ends to hold it in place.

Step 6- Add real pumpkin stem

I found this stem at a pumpkin patch just laying on the ground an knew it would be perfect for my little recycled t-shirt covered pumpkin craft! 

Attach the pumpkin stem with hot glue and bam you are done! 

Decorating Ideas

You could make a bunch of these and use them as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Table!

Place them around in wooden bowls or baskets and add in some orange bottle brush trees for a cute look.

Everyone who has come into my house has asked me if this was hand painted!

 It really turned out so cute! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick no sew recycled t-shirt covered pumpkin craft!

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