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Indian Tribal themed baby boy shower

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, October 25, 2018

Our cute friend Michelle wanted an Indian themed baby shower for her baby boy and after looking on Pinterest we found some ideas from Kara's Party Little Brave Man baby shower and this is what we came up with. 
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A family friend made the cake and  my daughter Madeline added some green leaves around the base of our little cake along with the arrows made from cardstock cut out from my Cricut machine and hot glued onto wooden skewers. We propped the cake up on wooden crate and placed these white spray painted antlers that my daughter Emily had in front... to give this little cake some presence!
Indian tribal baby shower cake

We really had fun creating all the Indian themed treats- These little “Tom Tom drums” are marshmallows I dipped in melted chocolate chips then dipped in crushed graham crackers. I used skinny wooden skewers you get at the grocery store and attached feathers with hot glue that I cut out using my Cricut machine. Click for the SVG file.  I placed the little tom tom's on a wooden slab that I bought on Amazon for that rustic feel. 
Tom tom drum marshmallows Indian tribal baby shower food, Tom tom drums made with marshmallows

Store bought Caramel popcorn in a basket lined with orange and white striped paper napkin you can find at Target. 
Indian baby shower food idea caramel popcorn
I had these little paper cup with blue zig zags on them and we filled them with a few fresh veggies and ranch dip and placed
them in my 3 Tier metal serving stand
 I made these darling Tee Pee sandwiches by cutting the bread into the shape of a triangle and spreading each with cream cheese and fresh herbs and topping each one with 3 sliced cucumbers. For the tops I added pieces of pretzels sticks to look the top of a tee pee. Everyone gobbled them up!
Tee Pee sandwiches, Indian Tribal baby shower
We skewered fruit onto wooden skewers and added a cardstock arrow points to the tip of each skewer to look like an arrow. 

My daughters and I looked around our homes to find things to put on the table that would make it feel more Indian like...we found a toy drum, mini cactus plants from Target and the skull head on a stick and it just turned out super cute!

Our cute Mommy to be loved everything! 

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