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Dinner party by the lake

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, September 27, 2016

For the centerpicece of the evening I used a stand up paddle board placed on an iron base to use as a  buffet table. I layered the table with with a collecton of table cloths and fabrics for a Bohemian look. For the main centerpiece I used a wooden crate with a wooden bucket filled with sunflowers and vines cut from my yard.

Summer party by the lake, paddle board buffet table, How to set up a party by the lake

 For the yummy appetizers we served fresh fruit, crackers and yummy fresh veggies.

appetizer buffet table, Stand up paddle board buffet table. Cheese and crackers,
We served watermelon and grapes with a yummy fruit dip on a metal tray placed in a grass basket with vines wrapped around it. 

How to serve watermelon in a galvanzied tray, Summer party by the lake

Using my galvanized tiered serveware we filled it with tons of fresh fruit and it looked stunning

Galvanized 3 tier stand with fruit

I bought one small bouquet of sunflowers and added wild sunflowers and honeysuckle vines to create a flowy look

Sunflower centerpiece, Summer lake party

 We also served delicious cheeses and crackers..a couple of my favorites were Brie and blueberry cheese..sooo yummy!!

Brie heese and crackers appetizers, Summer lake party

This is photo of our large group of amazing women who attended

Relief Society activity summer soiree by the lake

We set up lots and lots of voitve candles in rocks around the lake area where we set up our Soiree for a game that we played later. 

Stand up paddle board buffet table, Dinner by the lake, Summer soiree by the lake

Stand up paddle board buffet table, summer party by the lake

Paddle board buffet table DIY, Summer party by the lake,

We played "Speed Friendshipping" where we had the women face each other and they were given a question to talk about for 1 minute and then they move to the next person and the next person until we went through the whole line. At the end we asked them to look the last person straight in the eye without talking for one minute and let their souls speak to one another and it was very powerful..some women started to weep and others just hugged one another. It was really such a special evening that couldn't have gone any better.  

Summer soiree by the lake, Relief Society activity by the lake

 We brought lots of rugs and pillows from our houses to lay on the on grass to continue our Bohemian theme. 

Bohemian lake party, Rugs pillows by the lake, Summer soiree by the lake

speed friendshipping game, Party by the lake, Relief Society activity

 As the sun started to set...the lights bgan to glow and it was magical! My cute hubby took buckets and filled them with rocks and sand and we took poles and stuck them in the buckets that had hooks on them to hold strings of lights. I used ping pong balls and cut a hole in them and attached them to Christmas lights and it made them look amazing!

ping pong ball lights, summer soiree by the lake, dinner by the lake, Lake party

ping pong ball lights, summer soiree by the lake, dinner by the lake, Lake party

ping pong ball lights, summer soiree by the lake, dinner by the lake, Lake party

It was such a perfect night...I will miss summer!!

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  1. What a fun post! Looks like a great party - loved the paddle board idea, will have to try that at our next beach party when I am home in the Pacific Northwest.

    1. Caron,
      We had so much fun putting this together! It felt like we brought everything out of our houses (mostly mine haha) but it was so worth it! Pillows, rugs, all my galvanized metal serving dishes and my paddle board! It was so much fun!

  2. How did you create the fruit tier platters on the pole? Were they welded or something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated



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