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Should I change my hairstyle or leave it the same?

By The Style Sisters - Friday, October 16, 2015

I can't decide if I want to change my hairstyle to a shorter fun sassier look or keep it the way it is right now. I really love the haircut below!! It just looks fun and sassy! Plus the fact that she is rocking her silver color (mine is coming in) is just awesome. I have a square jaw so this could work.
short grey bob hairstyle
Or I could continue to let my hair grow and have a nice bob.
My hair is somewhat like this now and it can be versatile if I take the time to do things with curl it.

Of course this is just a classic bob but it is sleek and pretty

I love how this bob looks with some layers

This is pretty much how it looks most of the time with my glasses on my head because I can't see close up at all any more so I need my glasses with me at all times! 

This is how my hair looks when I wear my glasses but then I can't see far away...
Can you tell I am in denial of the fact that I need bi focals so I don't have to wear them on my head any more? LOL 

bob hair cut
I need my friends opinions...
leave it or cut it?
short bob haircut with glasses, Short grey hair bob hairstyle
Thanks for your comments in advance.

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  1. That first look would be very pretty. Its my favorite out of all the ones listed.

    1. Thanks Jennifer for you input...I too really like the first is just fun!

  2. :) I have the third option Karin. I can wear it curly, wavy or straight. That why I luv it sooo much! So versatile and sassy!
    Today I have a nice wave on the sides and flipped up in the back .

    1. Gee, I know I love that ability to change things up when I want...If I chop it off I may not have those options as easily. Decisions decisions LOL thank you so much for taking the time to comment and give your ideas. I so appreciate it!!

  3. Well, I'm going through the same hair dilemma as You or at least I was going through it two weeks ago.I cut My hair in what they now call a long pixie. I'm growing out the white too and am very excited to see what shade I'll get when it's finished.I vote You do the same as Me and get a long pixie : )

    1. OOOH that sounds cute!! I need to see a picture of your new doo! How fun!! Thanks for taking time to leave your comment. I love that I can ask my friends out there in blog land and they respond :)


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