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How to chalk paint a dresser with Annie Sloan Paris grey

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I just can't begin to say enough good about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or as many refer to it as

 It. Is.  Seriously. Worth. It's. Weight. In. Gold. 

So easy, no fumes, no priming, no sanding, super fast ...yes I am having a love affair with it! 

The Style Sisters Dresser makeover ASCP
We started with the dresser looking like this on the right...all beige with a natural looking wood top. 

Kinda country bumpkin looking Not what we were going for

We wanted a French look for mom's room

We knew these pieces had good bones so once painted it would really look nice. 

So we got to work!

dresser before chalk paintHow to  chalk paint a dresser
We took all the drawers out and removed all the handles, the center door and its hinges and got out the paint and paint brushes. 

We just used regular ole paint brushes which worked great but I would maybe spend a little money on some nice brushes because I am telling you once you start working on a piece of furniture and you see how easy and pretty it looks you are going to be hooked and want to paint a lot of other pieces so you might want a nice brush that does not fall apart or leave brush hairs on your wet paint. 

We painted this dresser right in my moms room.

 Just use something to place under the legs to lift them up and a drop cloth..simple!

Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint Dresser makeover

The paint dries super fast especially here in the West where we have really dry air

One coat could actually have been enough but we went with 2 coats but it hardly took any paint

Annie Sloan Paris grey dresser makeover

Once the paint is like 10-15 minutes you can start waxing the piece with Annie Sloan Wax 

We used a rag on this particular piece to wipe on the wax and then you simply wipe/buff it off leaving a nice patina. 

You can use a brush to get into the small crevices and Annie Sloan makes some beautiful brushes that work great. 

We purchased one of her brushes for our Entertainment center that we finished recently.

 I will soon be posting all about that big project! 

It turned out so beautiful! You can see more of the reveal of the Master Bedroom Here

For the headboard we painted outside so we could lean it up against the garage door the sun dried the paint almost instantly

Master Bedroom Makeover Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk paint

 Isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do to make an old piece of furniture new again?

Master Bedroom Makeover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dresser

Ta Ta For Now

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  1. Love love ASCP! I have painted tons of stuff with it and next up is a dresser similar to yours. I haven't tackled anything this big so I'm happy to know you had an easy and successful experience! Happy painting!

  2. Good job! We love ASCP too -- SO easy and it's such a popular look now. LOVE it. And it goes a long way, too -- thank goodness because it's kinda pricey!


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