I'm dreaming of a fancy party.... - The Style Sisters

I'm dreaming of a fancy party....

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm dreaming of a fancy partyyy...
Where I could wear a skirt like this ..
Where the hem lines are modest and waistbands are hottest and I...I..I feel like a princessss ....ohhhh I'm dreaming.... Do you love my lyrics? heheh
These skirts are just dreamy aren't they! Makes me feel like I want to be in the movie "White Christmas"
I need a place to go to where them!! I remember as a kid my parents would get all dressed up to go to a special party for New Years Eve... I loved watching my mom get all ready in her special new dress with a beautiful little purse and how elegant she always looked :)

I will have to host my own fancy New Years Eve party so I have a good reason to get one of these skirts! I found these on the Shabby Apple site and there are lots more to choose from so if you want something fun and feminine check them out!

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