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A Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

(Centerpiece Wednesday linky party will be back next week)

Here is a fun Centerpice tutorial for you.....My cute friend Ann took me to a wholesale florist yesterday and then back to her house where she taught me how to make this fun centerpiece! Ann is very talented and has done many weddings so it was a real treat for me to learn from her.

A Christmas centerpiece tutorial

We started with these pretty mercury vases.

Then we filled the cups with florist foam that Ann soaked in water. Tip 1- let the water slowly soak up the water or there will be dry sections. Tip 2- make sure foam fits snugly in container, if it moves around to easily you could loose your centerpiece. Tip 3- leave some of the foam out about an inch or two above the rim and angled to allow for more space to poke stems in.

Here is the collection of some of the flowers and greens we purchased. Red tulips, mini carnations, pepper berries and some Fever Few (a pretty little white flower).

This is a really unique looking green that I had never seen before. It is actually silver in color and has little silver looking nubs that reminded me of acorns. The shape of the little branches reminded me of coral. So unique and pretty. The picture does not do it justice. It is called Berzelia.
We started by using some of the pepper berry branches, cut down quite a bit with the ends cut on an angle to allow for more water to be absorbed. Ann suggested we start by putting these in the foam on the sides so the branches would cascade down on either side and then we would fill in with more as we went along. Tip 4- once you put a stem into the floral foam don't take it out..leave it in even if you don't like where you put it you can make corrections using other greens and flowers. If you take the stems in and out ....it makes too many holes in the foam and it won't hold the flowers very well.

This one is already starting to take on a shape with only 3 stems of peppery berry in it.

Next Ann added tulips...in some arrangements we used two and some we used three. Tip 5- when using tulips strip most leaves off ...the extra leaves end up working like a straw and suck up all the water. For our centerpieces we found the straightest tulips to go in the center and curvy ones to go to the side.

Adding in a few mini carnations and more pepper berries.

We added in mini carnations at different heights followed by the pretty white Fever Few. Tip 6- Make sure when making a centerpiece you continually turn the vase around as you work on it so you don't end up with only one pretty side. I tend to do forget that and usually only one side looks the best...sorry for those that have to look at the back LOL. Next we tucked in those cool silver woody coral looking branches with little nubs that look like mini acorns. (Don't know the name of this if you can't tell LOL)

I love how they turned out! Woodsy, yet elegant!
Tip 7- try to choose florals and greens that have a pretty sturdy stem...these white Fever Few drove us crazy a couple of times because the stems would snap off too easily as we tried to add them into our arrangements.
The final addition just to make it feel a little more holiday-ish we added in little glittered silver sticks to add height and dimension.
Christmas centerpiece tutorial

I am so grateful for my friend Ann who was so willing to share her talents with me, it was so fun to hang out with you and learn all these techniques and tips. I'm excited to try my hand at this again and again!!

Merry Merry Christmas everyone!

Centerpiece Wednesday will resume next week!

Karin :)


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  1. I wish you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

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