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Place Card Pinwheel Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last week I showed you these little place cards paper pinwheels that I made using old book pages and here is the tutorial. Wouldn't these be cute in pink or white paper with wire angels or princesses for a little girls birthday party? I am sure someone make something like that. My sister bought these wire pumpkins at pier 1 a few years ago.

I take one book and fold it in accordion style

Then take one more book page and do the same thing

Then I take both pieces and stack them on top of each other and staple right in the center.

Fan one side out and staple, tape or glue it together...I stapled it kind of crooked here but wanted you to see where I stapled it.

Do the same thing on the other of the pages was ripped so it was a little smaller on one side but normally they are even.


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  1. Your idea of making sweet, girly versions of these pinwheel place cards for a birthday party would be lovely, too!


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