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A Few Of My Favorite Kitchen Things

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, February 09, 2013

I absolutely love my zester! This is the "gratest" grater ever for limes, lemons, oranges, fresh ginger etc....I cannot cook without this little tool! Anybody else feel the same way?

My red kitchen aid is also another must have! My husband bought me this for Christmas a few years ago..he found a refurbished one and it works perfectly from whipping up all kinds of cakes, cookies and brownies as well as whipping cream or mashed potatoes in a matter of minutes. I love that it is freestanding so I can be doing other things whilst it is mixing!

Cuisinart electric hand blender is another must have...it is perfect for purée-ing soup right in the pan. I used to have to puree my soup in small batches in a blender and because it would be hot hotmliquid it would expand and ultimately come flying out all over the place!

These little nuggets are mini tongs! You can't believe how often I use these! I am so glad I found some in my local grocery store. They are perfect for grabbing pieces of bread, candies or cookies out of a jar, veggies off a veggie tray..you name it these little, cute and colorful tongs are just plain fun to use!

What are your favorite or must haves in your kitchen?

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  1. I'm with you on the Cuisinart Stand Mixer.....Love Mine! Especially all the colors they come in and how reliable they are.



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