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Brianna's Lively Lemon Tarragon salad dressing

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are you all familiar with Brianna's salad dressings?
They are my all time favorites!
I recently tried their Lively Lemon Tarragon dressing as a marinade for my chicken.
This dressing is tart, tangy and yet sweet....It has a lovely lemon flavor mixed with one of my favorite herbs Tarragon! I use tarragon on my turkey during has such a yummy flavor!
I marinated the chicken for any hour and wished I had marinated it over night for a stronger flavor.
While I grilled it I brushed on more dressing to coat each piece. It turned out perfect. I grilled a mix of veggies including yellow squash, carrots and fresh green beans to go along with the chicken.
If you haven't tied any of Brianna's dressing you should..they are available at Walmart. Our family favorites are their blush wine vinaigrette and their poppy seed dressing. I will be doing more reviews of some of their other dressings in the coming weeks.
Tell me if you have tried Brianna's and which one is your favorite.


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  1. Hi ;)
    Just stumbled across an old blogpost from 2008 , where you commented ;)
    So nice to visit your blog again after beiing away for actualy a couple of years i think ;)
    I see fall has hit you over there as well.
    Today we had both rain sunshine and a bit of a storm here in Bergen , Norway.
    Just like fall is supposed to be ;)
    I think i will have to try your pork loin recipe one of the days this fall.
    Looks delish.
    Well. have a nice week.
    Sincerely LinnTherese
    Bergen , Norway

  2. Fall is my favorite season! I love everything about it - the food, the clothing, decor, leaves, smells, weather - you name it! Thanks for inviting me to link up!

  3. I saw the link to this post when linking to the party today, and had to read it! We love Brianna's Blue Cheese Dressing, lots of flavor but not overpowering or heavy. I can't wait to try this one! What a great idea to use it as a marinade, thanks


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