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Humongous Fungus Book Party

By The Style Sisters - Monday, March 19, 2012

My friend Jennifer recently published her first children's book called Humongous fungus and to get the word out she held a fun Book Signing party!
My daughter, Madeline and I did a tablescape for her based on the book.

Here you can see our table with a back drop of pictures that Jennifer put together showing some of the illustrations from the book. (that's me standing there being Vanna White)
Here is Madeline (much cuter Vanna White)
You can see we made some of those big fluffy tissue paper flowers and hung them from the ceiling in the colors from the book to add a little pizazz!
We used plastic table cloths for the top and for the skirt....
I wasn't too thrilled with how wrinkly the skirt looks but oh well we made it work.

The book is about a little town called Better than Best and as the town grows it becomes sick with a Humongous gets everywhere.
It gets on Mrs. Snickerdoodles Poodles (we made mini snickernoodles for that)

The Fungus even gets in Charlie Twoodles Noodles!
We found these multi colored mini twizzler licorice sticks that look like noodles.
A man named Bubblehead Bingham blue comes up with an idea to get rid of the Fungus (we used blue bubble gum) He convinces the people to give all their money to him but he decieves them.
At the end two little children teach the people in the book how to be nice to one another and the whole town see's their example and it changes the town for the best!
It is a darling book with a powerful message.
It was fun to come up with fun ways to use food to highlight different parts of the book
and display them on a table.
The kids that came LOVED it!

My other Daughter Emily made these fabulous cupcakes and tinted the frosting to match the cover of the book!
The color doesn't even show up as bright as they really were.
If was fun to see all the kids eyes light up when they came to our table.

We used green moss all around the table to represent the Humungous Fungus creeping over everything.

Mr Crandle's flower pot even had some fungus all over it.
Madeline will be showing a tutorial on how to make this adorable flower pot.
We found these awesome flower lollipops at Walmart! 10 lollipops for a $1.00!!

We made some Rice Krispy treats and tinted them green and rolled them into balls to represent the Hungous Fungus.
You can purchase the book HERE

It is fun to use a Children's book to create a tablescape around it... the colors are vibrant and the food choices can be very creative! Hope you enjoyed this and please hop on over to Arbor Books and purchase the book for your kids.



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  1. Congrats on her new book! Looks so fun! And great work on the tablescapes!

  2. What an adorable and fun table for the book...I LOVE the title!!...Congratulations on the publication..Such a great accomplishment!...


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