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Orange Polka Dot Tablescape! Bright and Fun!

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I really had fun putting this tablescape together!
I love bright colors and Orange is one of my favorites!
I found these little beauties at Home Goods the other day $7.99 for a set of 4!! I thought they would go perfectly with a little slice of lime green mixed in as well!
I am using my favorite Thrift store glass cylinder purchase again. Man I love that thing!
For only $7.00 KA-CHING!!

Can't forget to use these perfectly white yummy napkins with my pretty white napkin rings beatifully scrunched on them. You can still buy some for only $1.00 each right here on my blog...Look to the right...see them over there?....They are just waiting to be bought and I will ship them right to your door to be used to set your beautiful table!

Oh yeah.... how about my little sunflower babies! I found these at Home Goods too...a set of six appetizer plates that come on a small black wrought Iron holder for only $5.99..yes...I is fabulous! he he he
They look so dang cute together or as my sister Tiffany would say....
"This has got the cuteness factor going on!!!"

ooooh another shot of my beautiful white napkin rings...aren't they so pretty? I love them because you can use them all throughout the year! Remember this tablescape that I did in the fall? I used these white napkin rings and it looked amazing against the fall colors.

I found a herd of cows while at Home Goods too! These little darlins are actually corn cob holders! I had to have them! They were only $4.99 for a set of 4! Oh my gosh they are the cutest things ever sittin here waiting for their corn!

I love how appetizer plates are all the rage now and come in a zillion different patterns.
hmmm I think I need to have an appetizer get together soon!
I love eating all kinds of different savory appetizers don't you?

So bright and cheery...Orange and Lime

Here is miss polka dot all on her own...just waiting for something yummy
to be placed upon her.

Inside of my Thrift Store "VAAZ" filled with little green decorative apples and a white candle. Eat your heart out Pottery Barn.

Do you see the bamboo placemats in the back? I didn't have a tablecloth that would work so I used lots of my .50 cent bamboo placemats (Garden Ridge) in Orange, dark Orange and Lime green. I placed them in kind of stripes across the table to add a Bold Pop of color and texture.


Here is the table in all its bright colorful glory.

Remember to check out my Napkin Rings up there on the right....they are just waiting for a nice place to come home to. :)
Happy Spring Everyone! :)
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  1. What a fun and happy table. I love the orange and green together. The placemats worked out great as a table runner. Your polka dot plates are wonderful and the cute little flower appetizer plates are just too cute. Great tablescape. Hugs, Marty

  2. I LOVE your dishes...cutest ever! They speak to me...makes me want a shirt for summer just like them! It's coming right...summer?! LOl Come say hi :D

  3. Those polka dot plates-so so cute!!GReat looking table.

  4. Your plates are just adorable! So colorful and cheerful. What a pretty table!

  5. Oh! This is so much fun. So fresh. Polka dots just make me smile!

  6. I love this tablescape so much. The polka dots and sunflowers are so bright and cheerful! I love polka dotted anything! The green apples make such a great color impact on this gorgeous table!

    Miss Bloomers

  7. Really loved your orange table with the sunflower plates and white napkins. Those napkin rings are adorable.
    Very cheery table, love the touch of lime green as well. Beautiful and very different tablescape! You get and A+.
    blessings, Nellie

  8. Beautiful, fun, happy table!!!! Love it all! XO, Pinky

  9. Wow, love your happy orange and white table, love the polka dots. I did orange this week, too!

  10. This is just so much fun, orange and white polks dots; too cute!

    Please do also pop by to visit 'my little corner the blogging world' as well..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  11. Love these plates and how they pop.
    Color is in this year for sure.
    I've seen it in all the magazine.
    This is lovley

  12. Very nice table. I love the polka dots.

  13. What a beautiful table! LOVE the orange polka dot plates and the flower appetizer plates, but combining it all with the lime green was brilliant!

  14. What a fun setting! I love the orange polka dot plate with the sunflower plate! Great find on that giant size hurricane.

  15. Orange is my favorite polka dots..and those flower plates are so neat...this is a lovely tablescape!

  16. Great color and I like the little cow:)

  17. Funtastic table. I love your choice of colour.

    Great job & happy TS

  18. Oh yummy! Love those brights for Spring! The polkadot dishes are awesome!

  19. Stopping by from Blog Frog...I am now following so I can see all your fun stuff!

  20. Happy Spring to you! This table is full of color, and I totally like it! Love the polka dot dishes.

  21. SO STINKIN' CUTE! I love the little whimsical cows and the orange pokie dots! :)

    It really is a pretty table.

  22. Love the pattern and the table, but I adore the cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. SO cute! I absolutely love the red and white poka dot plate! But the whole thing is great! Great blog! I saw it on blogfrog! :)

  24. Yes, the cuteness factor definitely works. The dot plate is terrific. -- Jane F.

  25. This is darling and so cheerful! I love your cow waiting for her corn!

  26. I love this! Orange, white and lime green are such fun and cheerful colors together!
    Fantastic table! The cow corn cob holders are the most darling things I've ever seen!!!

  27. I love those dishes and the color is so bright and cheerful! Thanks for joining on blogfrog!


  28. Three of my favorites: polka dots, orange, and cows! What a happy, happy table. It's Saturday morning, and I'm still going through everyone's tablescapes -- yours brought a big smile!

  29. I know many of used the words "fun and happy" describing this table and that is exactly what it is! Oh it does speak to me! You are so fortunate to have a home goods in your area. I do love what you have put together. Cute napkin rings too! ;)


  30. WOW! HIGH FIVE! Beautiful! I love the colors!
    Your pictures look like they come straight from a professional magazine!
    You ROCK!

  31. Just beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing, and I am a new follower. Cheers, Lia

  32. love that vase!! great thrift store find..and the apples..that is totally me. lovely table!!

  33. ohh the plates are gorgeous.. Orange and sunflower.. two of my favorites.. Great post.

  34. Super CUTE tablescape! I love the cow corn holders!!!

  35. what a great and colorful table. love it. and those are the cutest plates, both dinner and salad plates, love them both.
    Very nice table.
    Blessings, Nellie

  36. This is such a bright and cheery tablescape. Love the orange and white.
    Love to sit down to a meal at.

  37. I love the plates with the sunflower. Beautiful colors!..Christine


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