By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I HAVE BEEN ON A KICK RECENTLY ABOUT USING GLASS CYLINDER VASES THAT I FOUND AT THE THRIFT STORE IN GREAT NEW WAYS. I GOT SOME OF THESE IDEAS FROM MATTHEW MEAD'S BOOK ENTERTAINING SIMPLE. I LOVE THIS BOOK AND IT IS FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH AMAZING SIMPLE IDEAS OF HOW TO ENTERTAIN USING WHAT YOU MAY ALREADY OWN IN NEW AND DIFFERENT WAYS. For instance this particular cylinder glass bowl I bought for $4.00 at my local thrift store and I created this fun centerpiece with those yummy little oranges called "cuties' and some grocery store bought white flowers. I tucked them in and around the fruit.
(each stem is placed in one of those florist green plastic things that hold water so they stay fresh for a long time)Then using the idea in Matthew Mead's book I flipped the same glass bowl upside down and it becomes a "cake dome" of sorts but I used it to cover a large plate of yummy cookies. I placed it on a white plate that is covered with this cute plastic pink doily I picked up at Ikea! $2.00 for a set of 4 or 5 different doilies.

This is a photo from Matthew Mead's book..using the same glass bowl to serve soup in. But how about serving a green salad, colorful fruit salad or a pasta salad in it!
More from the book....using it as a cooler with ice for drinks on a hot summer day. Again the dome look for the cookies from his book.
How about using it as a bowl for beautiful pears as a quick and easy centerpiece! You can even fill it with sand and candles for a very serene centerpiece.

This is a fun thrifty idea I came up with ....Re-purpose clear glass rootbeer bottles to use as little vases filled with flowers to brighten your table. Or maybe even drop one of these lettler flower vases off at a friends house and spread some cheer.
Matthew Mead's idea of using a simple water goblet as a vase is such a cute idea and a great way to use up flowers that maybe got broken or have a short stems. You could even place one at each placesetting for a fun look.

Here is a quick idea for entertaining on the fly. Maybe you setting up a buffet and want a little height on the table but you don't own a tiered cake platter. Just use two dinner plates and a small glass bowl or a short candle stick holder and stack them on top of each other for an instant cake stand! Fill with delicious treats, appetizers or make a pretty centerpiece using fruit and flowers!
This was a great find at the thrift store for only $7.00!! A very large tall glass cylinder vase. I was so excited to find it while shopping there with my good friend Penny! I can fill this with pinecones and apples in the fall, colorful glass ornaments for Christmas, Any kind of fruit for any season, sand and a large candle for summer or seashells...the list goes on and on!

Shop your thriftstores for fun glass pieces that can be used over and over in a myriad of different ways and save money and space!!
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  1. I love all the glass cylinders. They are just gorgeous and you have shown some wonderful ways of using them. Thanks for all the inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  2. You have some great ideas here for a glass cylinder...luv the candle and cooler ideas the best! Come by and enter my CASH ends 3/10!


  3. What a bunch of great ideas...I wish I could find such goodies around here but the only kind that they have a lot of are the bud vase's. Thanks for sharing good idea's, I love glass like this, very pretty! Come say hi :D

  4. Love all those ideas! I can see you putting shells in those too! Nice for summer time.


  5. What great ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing them. I will definitely use them for myself!

  6. My goodness - great ideas!! How versatile is the cylinder type bowl!! I'll have to keep my eyes for something like that one. And oh my, the last picture - of the huge vase you found for $7 - amazing deal!! What fun to keep changing items in it for every season or even mood...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  7. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! It's amazing what you can come up with when you start opening your mind to all the possibilities! I especially love the soup idea!

  8. So many great ideas! Love all the inspiration!



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